In that case, it is enough to limit themselves to simply learn the meaning of the most important Pali words, because the repeated experience of reading provides an empirical and intuitive understanding of the most common sentence structures. They are thus enabled to become autodidacts, choosing the time, duration, frequency, contents and depth of their own study. Their learning and the inspiration they get from it will grow deeper as their receptivity to the messages of the Teacher will improve. Disclaimer: This website is created by an autodidact and is meant for autodidacts.

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See Daily Exercises for more info 4. Web Hosting If you are interested in supporting the web hosting services, email me. Which organisation is supporting this software? It is currently written by only one person. ZhiXing bhikkhu. As such, some of the requests to port DBV to other platforms or languages may take awhile before it happens.

How did this software DBV started? See archive news for details. Then in , the first version for Windows95 was written in junction with Camp Nirvana Singapore But what mooted the idea was two elements: 1. The book Buddha Vacana and 2. The lack of Buddhist software in the market.

That was before Palm Pilot was released in the 90s. There was none. You get the drift. But there were digital Bibles available. And there was not just one, but many versions to choose from! In fact, as I recall, there were religious stuffs for practically every other religions except Buddhism.

I lamented the fact that Buddhism seemed to be behind the times, though I do not know who is responsible for making Buddhist Software happen. Some 7 years later while studying in Nanyang Technological University, someone in my family brought a book back I recall that its my sister Irene. It became my Buddhist daily readings, more or less. Then in , the opportunity arose, and Digital Buddha Vacana was born in the form of a Windows95 application in a 1.

While I did the easy part of writing the software, the group leaders of CNS 96 helped type in all the verses from the book Buddha Vacana. Why are you telling me this? Well, the reason for sharing this with you is this. It is also not the religion that belongs only to the monastic sangha or to the lay community. It is OUR religion, if I can conventionally use the term religion here.

We, monastics and lay community alike, make up what is Buddhism. If there is something that is lacking or missing in Buddhism, what are we doing about it? If there is no Buddhist software, write it! While we may not change the world overnight, at least start with ourselves.

To change ourselves? Live Buddhism! And while we are at it, remember to put the teachings of the Buddha to the daily test. How has being a Buddhist made us at the least, better persons? Are the Four Noble Truths relevant? Are the verses in Buddha Vacana useful in daily life?

You can tell only if you try them out. Ehi Passiko. Weekly SGC.


Buddha Vacana






Welcome to Buddhavacana




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