Fictional setting[ edit ] Malefic Time is a fantasy universe where humanity is not alone in creation: there are other creatures, called in many ways over the years, now known as Celestials and Fallen. These creatures of immense power have been influencing, manipulating us and waging a war in which each side tries to crush the other. In the world began to sink: social structures crumbled, the world economy disappeared and riots began due to a disease that began to spread worldwide. It was then in when Celestials and The Fallen showed openly to the world. This is , and everyone has in mind that it is the end of an era. According to astrology the Age of Aquarius comes, a shift to inward development of individuals and the rejection of imposed laws that will strongly influence human behavior.

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These runs are signed by the artist himself, the editions consist of series with 25 or 50 reproductions. Done on heavyweight watercolor paper in a format of 60 x 42 centimeters Each instance is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. The most elegant and exclusive editing on a joint work by Luis Royo and Romulo Royo, with six sheets signed by the authors. A limited and numbered print run of only 1, copies on Arches paper g Natural with recessed printing and reviewed by the artists themselves, designed to framing and collectors.

In this game you will become a precursor, a human with exceptional skills trapped in the war between lunar and solar full of monsters and marvels impossible to understand in this apocalyptic landscape. With over one hundred illustrations of wonderful art of Luis Royo and Romulo Royo, Plenilunio is an RPG with simple and agile mechanics and deep background that will allow you to start playing immediately even if you have no experience in this type of games.

Discover the impressive illustrations of the Malefic Time universe. It consists of three panels in full color with a picture of Luis Royo with a total measure of x mm. And on the other side three panels, with the most relevant tables and rules to facilitate your work as the narrator in the middle of the game. New York, The world has transformed from dream to nightmare. How did we get here? A young girl with white hair and tears of blood wanders the streets of an apocalyptic New York.

Her presence can change the course of history. Her name is Luz, others call her Malefic. The prophecies foretold since ancient times, yet she do not know what will happen, or what role she has on this great stage. Vilches to reveal all the keys about the journey of Malefic in the city of New York. Action, mystery and mysticism come together in an exciting novel that explores the epic saga of the mythical character Malefic. The formation that leads Alberto Rionda demonstrates once again his immense talent on a new album that acts as extraordinary soundtrack, traveling throught the thrilling story of Malefic Time: Apocalypse.

A spectacular cover presents a deluxe album with unreleased artwork signed by Luis Royo and Romulo Royo with thirteen tracks of immense compositional value, revealing again the unquestionable musical quality that has Avalanch. For many, Soum is like the moon: beautiful, brilliant, moody … and elusive, always running away from all compromises. An ideal place to start in this universe.

There are 12 illustrations of the highest quality that portray one of the most iconic characters of Luis Royo. Images that will not leave anyone indifferent. The most sexual women show you the beauty of her tattoos … and of course their bodies. A violent and romantic story that leads to the Apocalypse, a story with oriental flavor in a gothic and tragic world.

This portfolio is a real luxury for all fans and lovers of Royo illustration; a place where pleasure is above the rules. This tales face topics such as freedom, the right of the difference, the origin of anxiety, deceptive appearances of reality and as a constant that runs throughout the book, the silent passage of time.

Edited by Naipes Heraclius Fournier. The artist illustrated with images of 64 hexagrams of this deck. This special edition has an ideal box for gifts. This edition includes illustrations book signed by the author, as well as instructions in several languages.

The box includes the base, numbered display plate, art card and a certificate of authenticity. This piece measures approximately There is a limited version of the same features, but with different colors as well as a more elaborate details.

Her wings are translucent to light and is made of PVC. Her dramatic pose presents an elaborate detail work including multiple tattoos.

A young woman of extraordinary power with a mysterious past. One of the characters from the Malefic Time project. Presents multiple elaborate details in her clothing, tattoos and the crucifix from her neck as well as her wings. There is also a limited and numbered version in white colors. Every detail, every crease is crafted with exquisite care.

Kit Height: mm. Figure format height: 70 MM. Supplied in metal box with colour card inside. Kit Height: 83 mm. Kit Height: 78 mm. Kit Height: 85 mm.

LUZ Multi part high quality resin kit. Kit Height: 35 mm. Figure format height: 30 MM. SOUM Multi part high quality resin kit. Kit Height: 36 mm. Kit Height: 45 mm. Figure format height: 60 mm. Height of the figure: 30 MM. Kit Height: 95 mm. Height of Figure: 70 MM. Supplied in metal box with color insert of the figure.

The height of the metal box of figure is 95mm. The height of the kit is 95 mm it is made of metal and has a color insert figure.

The figure is 70 mm high on a scale It is made of resin in a scale of and comes in a metal case with color insert figure. The box height is mm. These limited edition handcrafted pieces, created in sterling silver thousandths, are produced and distributed by Editorial Norma. The number of pieces of which will consist of between and units. The total length of the sword is cms. Includes wooden stand for the wall. This sword appears in the second book published in by Luis Royo entitled Malefic.

On the back it bears the symbol of the tetragrammaton expressing dominance of the spirit over the elements of nature. It is a limited edition of units. The sword blade is high quality steel and is decorated with elven engravings made with acid. The sword length is centimeters.

Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Zippos Original Zippo lighter. Who does not know, the lighter with the distinctive click, that always works?

The pictures and illustrations by Luis Royo have served as inspiration for artists of different media. There are many houses that have distributed this material, each within its scope.


【売れ筋】 一番人気物ダイヤモンド ネックレス ハート K10YG イエローゴールド 天然ダイヤ 0.10ct ハートペンダント





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Malefic Time: Soum


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