Philosophy by Barry Loberfeld "Perhaps it is fair to say that if there is one message Ayn Rand the theorist would have wanted to leave us it is, philosophy matters! The cause is fundamental and philosophical: if you grasp and accept the concept of "objectivity," in all its implications, then you accept Objectivism, you live by it and you revere Ayn Rand for defining it. The problem here is essentially one of not philosophic validity, but trademark infringement. But now there arises an even bigger question, one that could be asked as easily of Pope John Paul II as of Pope Leonard: How do we know that what is stated in your scriptures is true?

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There is no such thing as disagreement. People agree about everything. After all, nothing exists. All kinds of things exist, you know that as well as I do. How can people disagree when they are unconscious beings who are unable to hold any ideas at all? They are conscious beings. You know that. Why should it suggest that one or more of the parties is mistaken? Perhaps all of the people who disagree about the very same point are equally, objectively right. After all, A is A. In any act of challenging or denying the three axioms, a man reaffirms them, no matter what the particular content of this challenge.

The axioms are invulnerable. The opponents of these axioms pose as defenders of truth, but it is only a pose. Their attack on the self-evident amounts to the charge. To sentence a woman to bear a child against her will is an unspeakable violation of her rights: her right to liberty to the functions of her body , her right to the pursuit of happiness, and, sometimes, her right to life itself, even as a serf.

Such a sentence represents the sacrifice of the actual to the potential, of a real human being to a piece of protoplasm, which has no life in the human sense of the term. How many more corpses are necessary before this country should take action? The Americans, the British, and the Israelis, as I remember, launched an attack to try to reclaim it and — or at least the British and the Israelis did and Eisenhower vetoed it.


Leonard Peikoff

A Philosopher Looks at the O. Verdict MP3 download In one of the most widely publicized trials in American history, former football star O. Simpson was acquitted in on charges of murdering his ex-wife and her friend. Americans - Ford Hall Forum MP3 download In this lecture, philosopher Leonard Peikoff relates the ideas on which America was founded to the dominant ideological trends in modern American culture. From its beginning, says Peikoff, America has stood for the ideals of the Enlightenment: reason, individual rights, capitalism, and the pursuit of happiness. MP3 download In this lecture, philosopher Leonard Peikoff offers a business-savvy audience his perspective on whether free market capitalism can survive. He also also leads the audience through a quick sweep of American history, commenting on the decline in freedom over time.


Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

Shelves: nuke-from-orbit-only-way-to-be-sure , fascists-wtf , randitis Second supplemental to multi-part review series. Ayn Rand was not a systematic thinker or writer, so Peikoff must serve as her interpreter, drawing together into a relatively coherent whole her disparate, repetitive tantrums that randomly re-surface like Whac-a-Mole on crack rock. Peikoff is much more charming than Rand, too, which is a virtue. But precisely because all of Objectivism is presented here in a centralized narrative, it becomes vulnerable to a decapitation strike. Let Objectivism be Second supplemental to multi-part review series. Key to Objectivism is the confrontation with Evil.



That article has, however, raised questions in the mind of some readers. In particular, David Kelley, one of the persons whom the article implicitly criticizes, has written an articulate paper in reply, identifying his own philosophy on the relevant topics. He has sent a copy of this paper to me and to many other individuals. His statements make clear to me, in purely philosophic terms and for the first time, the root cause of the many schisms that have plagued the Objectivist movement since The cause goes to the essentials of what Objectivism is.

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