The result is the distance to the vehicle, not to the road surface. Accurate measurements to prisms should be made in IR mode. When a distance measurement is triggered, the EDM measures to the object which is in the beam path at that moment. If a temporary obstruction, for example a passing vehicle, heavy rain, fog or snow is between the instrument and the point to be measured, the EDM may measure to the obstruction. Do not measure with two instruments to the same target simultaneously to avoid getting mixed return signals. The prism is sighted with the optical sight.

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This manual contains important safety directions Page 5 4. Page 7 8 Technical Data 8. Page 9 Available General description documentation Name of documentation Description User Manual All instructions required in order to operate the instru- ment LGO An office software consisting of a Page 15 Term Description Motorised Instruments fitted with internal motors, enabling automatic hori- zontal and vertical turning are referred to as Page 19 2.

Software type Software type Description System Page 21 2. Page 23 2. Page 25 Container for instrument and a delivered accessories part 2 of 2 b a Pocket knife - optional b Spare stylus c User manual Page 29 Instrument k l components part 2 of 2 k Vertical drive l Focusing ring m Battery compartment n Stylus for Page 37 Element Description Message line Messages are shown for 10 s.

Icons Shows current status information of the instrument. Page 39 Selecting Appearance Description from a menu To select an item from a menu, do one of the following: Move the Highlight the field. Type numeric Page 41 Access special Step Description alphanumeric characters for 1.

Highlight the input field. Opening a choicelist reveals either a Page 43 Listbox dialog. CONT F Position of Page 47 Icon Description The number of contributing satellites can differ from the number of visible satellites. This may be Turn on the instrument by pressing PROG for 2 s.

Page 53 4. Page 55 4. A circular screw is located at one end of the clip-on-housing. Ensure that the Place the SmartAntenna Adapter with attached clip-on-housing onto the instrument by simultaneously pressing and holding-in Page 59 4. They indicate the basic antenna status Page 61 4. Page 63 Step Description 5. Remove the SIM card screw from the housing. Using the pen, press the small button Page 65 4. Siemens MC75 red: long flash, Page 70 Operation TPS 70 4. Page 71 Step Description Ensure that the interface connection on the underside of the RadioHandle is on the same side Page 72 Operation TPS 72 4.

They indicate Page 74 Operation TPS 74 4. Page 76 Operation TPS 76 4. Page 77 Step Description 5. Place the battery into the battery housing, ensuring that the contacts are facing outward.

Click the Page 78 Operation TPS 78 4. Turn SmartAntenna Page 79 Step Description 4. A polarity of the battery is displayed inside the battery housing. This is a visual aid Page 80 Operation TPS 80 4. Use it only within Page 81 Step Description 1. Face the instrument so that the vertical drive screw is on the left. The CompactFlash card Main Menu: Tools Page 83 4.

Highlight Survey. CONT F1. All jobs from Main Menu: Manage Page 85 Field Option Description The instrument has numerous user configura- tion parameters and functions. This allows a variety of preferences Page 86 Operation TPS 86 4.

Page 87 When measurements are being made using the red laser EDM, the results may be influenced by objects passing between Page 88 Operation TPS 88 Do not measure with two instruments to the same target simultaneously to avoid getting mixed return Page 91 Every angle measured in the daily work is corrected automatically if the compensator and the Hz-corrections are activated in Page 95 corrected electronically.

MEAS F1 to measure and to continue to the next screen. One run consists of a measurement in face I Page 5. Page Step Description 4. Motorised instruments change auto- matically Page Step Description After the adjustment, no screw shall be loose.

The bubble of the tribrach must be centered. If it extends beyond Align the instrument crosshairs to the centre of the target plate, and then inspect the position Page Step Description Throughout the adjustment procedure, keep the telescope pointing to the target plate. After each adjustment, Setup the instrument on a tripod 1. Level up the instrument Page Depending on brightness and surface, the diameter of the laser dot can vary.

At a distance of 1. Page Field adjustment After transport inspect the field adjustment parameters given in this user manual before using the product.

Care and Page 6. Page 7. Page Safety Directions TPS lation or use of the software or any part thereof, is deemed to be an acceptance This can cause fire or Page Labelling Type: TC Page Description R R Maximum average radiant power 4. Page Safety Directions TPS Do not look through or beside the optical sight at prisms or reflecting objects when the Page d The laser beam should be terminated at the end of its useful beam path and should in all Page Type: TC Although the product meets the strict regulations Operation is subject to the following two conditions This device complies with part


Leica V-LUX 1 User Manual

The 12 x optical zoom means that you are equipped for every photo situation — without dealing with changing lenses — from fine macro through high-impact wide-angle scenes to super-telephoto shots for nature observation. The CCD sensor with a resolution of 10 million pixels and optical image stabilization technology offers ideal features for brilliant razor-sharp images, even under difficult conditions. The fully swiveling 2. With this universal digital camera, photography in the compact class has never been so professional. There is perfect interaction throughout in this compact high-performance camera : the Leica Vario lens, the optical image stabilizer, the fast and accurate autofocus and the high-speed image signal processing. It delivers top-quality pictures as well as offering maximum flexibility, from the wide-angle to the super-telephoto range. This makes the V-Lux 1 an allpurpose camera for universal usage.


Leica RX1200 Manuals


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