Wavelength b. Period c. Frequency d. REF: p. TOP: Basic ultrasound physics 2.

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Wavelength b. Period c. Frequency d. REF: p. TOP: Basic ultrasound physics 2. The following are all ultrasound frequencies except: a. TOP: Basic ultrasound physics 4. TOP: Basic ultrasound physics 5. TOP: Basic ultrasound physics 6. TOP: Basic ultrasound physics 7. COM a. TOP: Basic ultrasound physics 8. If frequency increases, wavelength decreases. TOP: Basic ultrasound physics 9. TOP: Basic ultrasound physics Regions of high pressure and density are called compressions.

COM for one cycle to occur. Bandwidths b. Harmonics c. Mechanical waves d. Side lobes ANS: B The even and odd multiples of the fundamental wave are called even and odd harmonics, respectively.

TOP: Doppler ultrasound COM What would be the frequency for a 0. What is the period of a 5. What is the pulse duration of a four-cycle pulse in a period of 0. What is the spatial pulse length in soft tissue for a four-cycle pulse, using a frequency of 5. If the wavelength is 0. The velocity of sound in human soft tissue is assumed to be a constant. If you employ a 7.

What is the attenuation coefficient for a 5. At what depth does a 3. The attenuation of a 5. What is the attenuation of a 7. REF: pp. TOP: Echo interaction Calculate the pulse duration for a 3. COM b. TOP: Continuous wave What is the spatial pulse length of a four-cycle pulse with a wavelength of 0. TOP: Echo interaction Attenuation COM For perpendicular incidence and equal impedances, there is no reflection and the transmitted intensity equals the incident intensity. In perpendicular incidence, what is the intensity reflection coefficient for impedances of 45 and 55 rayls?

Discuss the generation of echoes in tissue. TOP: Pulse wave What does 3 dB of attenuation mean? One half the original intensity. One third the original intensity. Three decibels more than the original intensity. Increasing amplitude. Which of the following is not a term used to describe continuous wave ultrasound? Pulse duration. Propagation speed. ANS: A Pulse duration is a term used in pulsed ultrasound. COM c. What units are used to quantify attenuation?


Sonography Principles and Instruments

Gukazahn Kate rated it liked it Jun 09, Refresh and try again. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Principles and Instrumentsa leading reference for ultrasound physics and instrumentation. Focusing on the most basic uotrasound essential equations, this book simplifies complicated mathematical concepts. Frederick Kremkau, PhD, application and teaching of medical ultrasound Related Content Explore more about Wake Forest Innovations and how we partner with you to improve health. Lists with This Book.







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