Accordingly, some scholars trace the origin of Karaism to those who rejected the Talmudic tradition as an innovation. At this period arose the doctrine of the Karaites in consequence of an incident between the Sages and King Jannai who was a priest. Rabbinism was laid low for some time. The other party tried to establish a law built on their own conception, but failed, till Simon b. Karaism had, however, taken root among people who rejected the oral law, and called all kinds of proofs to their aid, as we see to-day.

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He left his native land and possibly after a sojourn m the neighboring province of Xurasan — moved to Jerusalem, karaute he presumably remained until his death. Catalog Record: Karaite anthology, excerpts from the early Hathi Trust Digital Library And a certain man from Beth— lehem, which ts in Judah, went to sojourn tn the field of Moab, he, and hts wife, and hts two sons v.

Say unto the cities of Judah, Behold your God! Even grammatical varia- tions and alternate usages were presumed to fall under the same category, and the presence or absence of a conjunction or particle, for example, was used by Anan as justification for a new regula- tion.

On the contiary, Benjamin exhibited little hostility toward the Rabbanites and expressly stated his view that Rabbanite ordinances may be fieely adopted by Karaites, even when they have no direct support in the text of the Bible. One of them was antholovy Alexan- drian, whose well-known book is the principal religious book of the Magarians. But we are guilty concerning our brother. He lived in the days of Joshua, the son of Perafiiah, who is said to have been the maternal uncle of Jesus.

Even if she has married successively a hundred men, it is all null and void, being sheer adultery, since until she receives a bill karaits divorce- ment from her first husband she remains in his domain and is forbidden to anyone else.

The same greater stnetness appears in the Karaite regulations alTect- ing the obscivancc of the Sabbath and the preservation of ritual cleanness. Know ye that the cleanness of beasts, fish, and grasshoppers is known by their marks: He has burned His sanctuary; He has left His Holy Place and His Tem- ple, the dwelling of His Holy of Holies, to be trampled under the feet of the unclean ones, the uncircumcised, men and women soiled with suppuration, menstruation, and leprosy.

Let antgology exalt htm in the midst of the congregation of the people Ps. The only other substantial collection of Karaite extracts known to me is the one included in J. His commen- taries, all written in Arabic, cover the entire Antholgy Testament and are accompanied by a translation of the biblical text, done in a most literal manner, often in violation of the rules of Arabic grammar. Who is the Lord that 1 should hearken unto his voice?

We also no longer judge cases covered by If men should quar- rel and hurt a pregnant woman, and her children should come out, and there shoidd be no mischief Exod. See above, p 3 In matters of dogmatic belief there is, aside from the rejection of the authority of the Talmud, no essential difference between Karaite and Rabbanite theology.

Divided as they are by language and tongue. And it is written also in Jeremiah We must also treat the precepts with reverence, as it is written: How long wilt thou wander about, 0 backsliding daughter, say- ing, I will not go to Jerusalem, to the seat of the Lord? But she has no son, and her husband is old 11 Kings 4: Upon thy walls, O Jerusa- lem, have I appointed watchmen. Then indeed your deeds are but falsehood and rebel- lion against God. The Rabbanites tried their utmost to assassinate Anan, but God prevented them from doing so.

And Jer- oboam ordained a festival in the eighth month, on the fifteenth day of the month, like the festival which was observed in Judah I Kings Their words have become void and meaningless. The account of his arrest seems inexplicable because his secession from the Rabbanite synagogue was not a crime according to Moslem law, and other Jewish sectarians of that period karaiye known to have remained unmolested by the Mohammedan and Rabbanite authorities alike.

At the time of their parting the husband need not repay such past income received, since it does not represent an obligation on his part. And right counsel cannot be based upon two contradic- tory things. Toward the end of his life, for some unknown reason, he is said to have moved to Aleppo, Antholoyg, where he died.

Because he has signed it away on the assumption of his imminent death, and yet antyology did not die. And how before men? And since the congregation is required to respond with amen, and again amen, they must recite along with him: Related Articles


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