Then will come the ark of the covenant, the presence of God landing in whatever form that God wants that to look like. The Judah Anointing The spirit of Judah is like that prevailing spirit of a young lion. Lions who have no fear. They are the king of the beasts.

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It has become more important than ever since that time. We are in a season of many divine realignments. So what is the Issachar anointing? Did you know that, in the Bible, there was a unique group of people that always knew what to do and when to do it?

A group of folks that had such perception and wisdom that a whole nation followed them and waited for their example? They were called the sons of Issachar, and they were one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Check out what these bad boys and girls had going for them: They studied the movements of the stars and planets and understood chronological time. They were responsible for calling the whole nation together when the stars aligned, literally.

The Jewish feast days are approximately based upon the lunar calendar, with consideration also given to the movement of the sun.

The nation had to gather to worship God on specific days on this heavenly calendar. When signs and wonders happened in the heavens with the sun, moon, stars, etc , the sons of Issachar knew how to interpret the meaning of those events. The sons of Issachar understood chronological time, but they also understood spiritual and political time.

The sons of Issachar could discern what God was doing and when He was doing it. They knew when one move of God was ending and another one was beginning. They could discern when a leader was falling and another leader was rising. They could even tell you who the next leader should be. They knew who to follow and when to follow him or her.

They were full of wisdom. In fact, God chose the sons of Issachar as one of the three tribes to go out in front of Israel whenever the nation moved.

Judah the praising people went first; then Issachar the wise and discerning ones and Zebulun the financiers. Look at these examples of how astute the sons of Issachar were: 1. They supported a female ruler when it may not have been popular. In the times when Israel was governed by judges, before it had kings around BC or earlier according to some scholars , a woman rose up to judge the land.

Her name was Deborah. Although women did have rights in Israel, it would still have been unusual for a woman to sit in authority over the nation. Nevertheless, God was with Deborah. He placed her in authority, and the sons of Issachar knew it. Therefore, they sided with Deborah and went out to battle under her leadership. Pretty gutsy move! Why did they do it? They gained a great victory and freed the land from foreign rule as a result. Read Judges chapter 5 for more.

Before King David—the 2nd king of Israel—began to reign, warriors from the 12 tribes started gathering to him. All the tribes were split in their support of David except for one tribe. The tribe of Issachar was united in their support of David, according to the passage quoted above from 1 Chronicles Why did all Issachar support David? Because they knew that God had called him to become king, and they knew that his time had come. They could discern the changing of the times. It worked out well, too.

David became the next king, and remains the most famous king of Israel in all history to this day. The sons of Issachar had something special. They were not taken by surprise when things happened. They knew what Israel should do and when it should be done. The nation followed their example. The good news is: You and I can have the anointing of the sons of Issachar! We can have the same ability to discern the times and seasons! I first heard about the sons of Issachar about ten years ago, and I began praying for their ability a.

For example: On May 25, , I walked back into my house after the tattoo convention , and standing in my kitchen I felt the seasons change. The events that followed proved that, sure enough, it was a new season. That new season was shorter than I expected it to be. After a few weeks, I started seeing the numbers everywhere. When I started seeing , God told me the season had changed again… and again, the events that have occurred in the last week have heralded the start of a new season.

God has answered my prayer over and over by allowing me to discern times and seasons. Have I reached perfection in this area? Recognize that God is no respecter of persons. Know that, in Christ Jesus, all the blessings God gave Abraham and his descendants, the Jews also belong to you. So now that you know you can have whatever God gave the Jews, you have only to… 3.

Ask God for the anointing of the sons of Issachar. Ask Him to give you the ability to discern the times and seasons and always know what to do. All we have to do is ask! After you ask, start paying attention.

Are you ready to see the anointing of the sons of Issachar at work in your life? Go ahead and ask God for it now! Then leave a comment and tell me your thoughts on this.


The Issachar anointing Pt. 1

Christina Sturgeon There are modern tribes like the sons of Issachar rising and multiplying in the Kingdom in this time. They are companies of intercessors; apostolic and prophetic intercessory teams who have heard the alarm sound and answered the call to stand in the gap on behalf of a people. They are willing to make sacrifices in the secret. Willing to pray day and night, night and day as they stand upon their watchtowers to see what He will say to them.


Chuck Pierce: Understanding Issachar: Interpreting the Times and Seasons!

Just as the sons of Issachar led the children of Israel, we are called to take our strategic place in the Kingdom of God. Each of us hold a unique calling from the Lord, and in the midst of these times we must strengthen our strengths… and surround ourselves with those who will support us in our weaknesses. This is what a healthy congregation truly looks like. I often find it difficult to understand church denominations where the pastor may lead for two or three years and then be replaced.


Release of the Issachar Anointing

It has become more important than ever since that time. We are in a season of many divine realignments. So what is the Issachar anointing? Did you know that, in the Bible, there was a unique group of people that always knew what to do and when to do it?


Radical Prayer #4: The Anointing of the Sons of Issachar

Week Rick Joyner I love prophecy, but I love history even more. Since I came to the Lord by a supernatural experience, I immediately became deeply interested in the supernatural which I had not even believed in before. I love supernatural prophetic experiences and the prophetic gifts of the Spirit. I like eschatology, the study of the prophecies of the end of this age in Scripture, but it is more of a peripheral interest than a passion, even though that is what I get questioned about the most now it seems. When I was a new believer, a copy of The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey was given to me, and it did stir in me an infatuation with eschatology for several years. I confess to appreciating the Left Behind series for the same reason. This has caused millions to become interested in what the Bible has to say about these times—definitely a good thing.

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