You can read our original review of P90X or Insanity here. It focuses on muscle confusion in 3 phases. It includes 12 different workouts. The workouts on average are about an hour apiece. Insanity Overview Insanity is another extreme at home workout program created by Shaun T and Beachbody. The workouts are very cardio heavy and include plyometric interval training going hard for as long as you can with a short break in between.

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Look no more. There are 3 actual downloads, and you will find them throughout this article and on the left hand side by clicking on the 3 PDF icons. With the release of Insanity Asylum, I was really looking forward to 3 things. The first thing… I wanted the next BIG challenge. I had already tackled p90X and Insanity , and was ready for the next big challenge.

Asylum promises to be exactly that. The second thing I was looking forward to was the nutrition guide. We all know that every fitness program out there, needs good nutrition to right along with it. Lucky for us, Beachbody programs almost always include a meal plan with recipes.

Asylum is no exception. The last thing I was really, really looking forward to was the hybrid workout calendars. Of course, we can all throw some workouts together, and call it a hybrid, and there are plenty out there for Beachbody workouts.

But if Beachbody fitness trainers put a hybrid together, all the better right? I think so. Insanity Asylum comes with 3 workout calendars. The program information suggests that you start with this calendar first, before trying the hybrid workouts. Why do I get the feeling not everybody will do this? So when people start graduating from these programs, a feeling of invincibility overcomes us all. As for me, I plan on starting right here with just Asylum , and then moving straight into a hybrid workout.

When I took a look at this calendar my first thought was WOW. A few days have a strength workout mixed in with a cardio workout…. Say what? On a positive note, my personal opinion was that Insanity really needed a weight workout in the 60 day plan of Insanity. With this hybrid, you get the benefit of the Asylum strength workout which is a good thing. Of course the Insanity Deluxe program has the Upper Body Workout, which is great as well, its just not on the 60 day plan for Insanity.

Which basically means you have to work it in as you see its required. I still love Insanity though as it stands, toughest workout I have ever completed, until now probably.

And while P90X cardio liked to kill me on my first round, rounds after, were not as tough on the cardio side. Now there is an excellent way to combine the P90X resistance workouts, with Insanity type cardio.

Not to mention, variety is the spice of life as Tony Horton of P90X always says, so having numerous cardio workouts in your DVD library is always a good thing! This was one of the calendars I was really looking forward to taking a look at.

And after looking at it, it looks like the bar has been raised YET again. After my first 30 days of Asylum, this hybrid will be next on the list. A sample recovery week between these 30 day workouts would be as follows: Day 1: Rest Day.


Asylum Workout Calendar



P90X Insanity Asylum Hybrid Calendar


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