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RU Росстандарт 4 Приказом Федерального агентства по техническому регулированию и метрологии от 24 ноября г. Перевод с английского языка en. Сведения о соответствии межгосударственных стандартов ссылочным международным стандартам приведены в дополнительном приложении ДА. В случае пересмотра замены или отмены настоящего стандарта соответствующее уведомление будет опубликовано в ежемесячном информационном указателе "Национальные стандарты".

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The temperature coefficient band, if provided, is to the right of the tolerance band and is usually a wide band positioned on the end cap. The resistance colour code includes the first two or three significant figures of the resistance value in ohms , followed by a multiplier. This is a factor by which the significant-figure value must be multiplied to find the actual resistance value.

The significant figures refer to the first two or three digits of the resistance value of the standard series of values in a decade, in accordance with IEC as indicated in the relevant data sheets and shown in Below Table. The colours used and their basic numerical meanings are recognized internationally for any colour coding used in electronics, not just resistors, but some capacitors, diodes, cabling and other items. The colours are easy to remember: Black is the absence of any colour, and therefore represents the absence of any quantity, 0.

White light is made up of all colours, and so represents the largest number, 9. In between, we have the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. These take up the numbers from 2 to 7. A colour in between black and red would be brown, which has the number 1. A colour intermediate to violet and white is grey, which represents the number 8. The use of a letter instead of a decimal point solves a printing problem — the decimal point in a number may not always be printed clearly, and the alternative display method is intended to help misinterpretation of component values in circuit diagrams and parts lists.

For example, R15 simply means resistor number A portion of a schematic diagram showing designators and IEC labelling is shown below: Note that resistor R4 has the value 4. Share With Your Friends.


BS 1852:1975, IEC 60062:1974



IEC 60062:2016


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