Edit Jamie Hamilton - The main character from whom the story is told. Jamie becomes an experienced Homeward Bounder through his many travels and has become adept at mastering new languages Helen - A girl from a brutal world across the Bounds, Helen is moody and known to hide her face behind her hair. She was born with a shriveled but magical arm, thought in her world to be the Hand of Uquar. She can transform her arm into anything she pleases.

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We have no further use for you in play. You are free to walk the Bounds, but it will be against the rules for you to enter play in any world. If you succeed in returning Home, then you may enter play again in the normal manner. Clinging to Their promise that if he can get Home he is free, he becomes an unwilling Random Factor in Their deadly, eternal game.

Advertisement: Jamie travels alone until he teams up with Helen and Joris, determined to beat Them at Their own game. Tropes include: The Ace : Konstam. Adult Fear : Your child goes out on an errand one day and never comes home.

Jamie, despite not being familiar with modern vehicles, identifies it as one of these on sight. All Myths Are True : Throughout his travels, Jamie meets religious and mythological figures such as the Wandering Jew, the Flying Dutchman and Prometheus, whom he ends up rescuing from his chains and torture. He crosses a bit of a Moral Event Horizon when he makes a serious attempt to sell her into slavery just to be free of her.

Captured by Cannibals : This happens to Jamie and Helen on the first world they travel to together. Because Jamie had never had to learn the Bounder sign that warned against cannibals before, he leads them straight into their trap, and thereafter Helen takes a pretty dim view of his "expertise" as a Homeward Bounder. Advertisement: Cassandra Truth : One of the ways that They manipulate things is to make it so that nobody is able to believe a Homeward Bounder if they try to explain about who and what they are.

This is broken when Helen shows Adam her "gift", which is too fantastic for him to explain away as nonsense. Contrived Coincidence : After arriving back in his Home, not that he knows it at the time, Jamie and the others take a train and get off at a random stop. Cool Big Sis : Whatever Adam might think, Vanessa becomes this to the other main characters in about half an hour. She is friendly and calming, makes them feel better about themselves and is happy to listen to their problems and sob stories.

Dark Is Not Evil : Helen refuses to wear anything but black clothing and regularly adorns herself with live snakes and spiders, but she is definitely one of the good guys. Demon Slaying : Konstam comes from a long family line of professional demon slayers, and trains Joris up as his apprentice. Determinator : Regardless of everything that he goes through, Jamie just keeps on going, refusing to give up hope of getting Home again. It turns out that his losing this hope is the key to defeating Them for good.

Drama Queen : Joris will burst into tears at any given opportunity, and complain about the misery of his situation loud enough for crowds of people to turn and stare. Jamie is frequently embarrassed by his antics. Fantasy Counterpart Culture : Adam, from our world, identifies Joris as American by his accent, which confuses Joris as he comes from a place called Kathayack. He also guesses that Helen is Pakistani, which goes over as well as anything does with Helen.

Flying Dutchman : All the main characters; additionally, the actual Flying Dutchman and Wandering Jew are minor characters. Friend to Bugs : Insects flock to Helen when she is bored or even just sitting still, and after an argument Jamie regularly brings her things like earwigs to win back her favour.

She is also able to command them, though oddly she insists that this has nothing to do with her magic. Game Tropes : This book contains many examples, most notably War Gaming and chance games.

Genre Savvy : Adam, thanks to his years of playing war games as well as many others, gets quite a good grip on the plot and the way that They operate before he even meets Them. Happiness in Slavery : Joris is Type I of this - although he hated the concept of being a slave, Konstam treated him very well, and Joris liked working for him. He draws a dangerous amount of attention on a battlefield, and sticks out terribly in modern-day Earth.

In the Hood : They are described as vague, grey, hooded figures with their faces in shadow. Know-Nothing Know-It-All : Helen has this opinion of Jamie because, despite all his knowledge of the Bounds, he does accidentally get them into a few scrapes. She brings Joris on board with her for a while, which frustrates Jamie to no end.

Jamie is too horrified to take it back. Made a Slave : Joris was sold to Konstam at a young age. Mood Whiplash : Jamie notes it as absolutely typical of Them and the Bounds that he and Helen can be desperately trying to escape from a Cannibal Tribe one second and then find themselves smack dab in the middle of a worldwide carnival the next. The Multiverse : Homeward Bounders are cast out of their home universe by Them and sent to wander the multiverse until they can get Home again.

Some worlds share a lot of similarities to each other, and occasionally the same faces will pop up in multiple worlds. Our Titans Are Different : Of the "human but larger" variety. Oddly, Uquar tells Jamie that he originates from his own universe, rather than one of the worlds where magic is commonplace. Purpose-Driven Immortality : The purpose of the Homeward Bounders is to keep on wandering until they find their way back to their own worlds, and they cannot die until they do so.

This does not stop them being hurt by things that would otherwise kill them, and Jamie occasionally finds himself in situations where death would be preferable, such as being trapped underneath a slag heap for several days. Really Years Old : Ahasuerus, the Flying Dutchman and Uquar have been wandering or trapped for thousands of years. Jamie had no idea that his travels made him this. By the time he gets back to his home, years have passed and he is still a child.

Towards the end, Konstam shows her how to transform it into something called a "living blade", which resembles a bar of light that is deadly to Them and other demon-kind. Adam goes so far as to try and sell Vanessa to Konstam as a slave. Stranger in a Familiar Land : The cruelest trick that They play is allowing Jamie to get home and stay there Tsundere : Helen, all the way. When introducing her in his narration Jamie calls her his "friendly neighbourhood enemy", which is about as accurate as it gets.

Jamie can, but gets there years too late and no longer fits in, making this also Stranger in a Familiar Land. Walking the Earth : Walking the multiverse.

World War III : After passing through a set of related worlds either in the midst of or recovering from devastating nuclear war, the gang arrives in our world, and Jamie fears that it might be next on Their list to go to war. This is averted before the end of the book.


The Homeward Bounders

Shelves: favorites , wee-ones-and-bored-teenagers This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This one starts out when this kid who lives in some sort of strange time and place that never actually existed stumbles upon a group of Them Them being hooded, sinister gamers who are possibly among the most haunting figures in kid lit due to horrific combination of general creepiness and very disturbing model of cruel and indifferent gods. Because the kid discovered the players behind the curtain, he is forced to become a Homeward Bounder, doomed to scramble around between the worlds, trying to find his way back to his own home.



Its three strategic focal points are: I am willing and able to lead We are stronger together We are taking actions with impact Each graduating cohort of participants becomes part of a global network of like-minded women committed to demonstrating a model of leadership collaborative, inclusive, legacy-minded, trustworthy with assets — people and money that will influence outcomes for men and women towards a healthier planet, and a sustainable future for us all. It was literally the dream of Fabian Dattner Australian leadership activist and consultant who, in collaboration with Antarctic marine scientist Jess-Melbourne Thomas , initially made Homeward Bound a reality. Together, they garnered the support of significant scientific bodies and women of influence, created a strong leadership team and teaching faculty, and got the project off the ground. In , the project went viral. Launched in , the inaugural program culminated in the largest-ever female expedition to Antarctica.


[PDF] The Homeward Bounders Book by Diana Wynne Jones Free Download (224 pages)

Plot summary[ edit ] Twelve-year-old Jamie discovers a strange place in his hometown in which mysterious and demonic entities, known only as Them, are playing a board game with the entire world. Upon his discovering Them, They are forced to make Jamie a Homeward Bounder; this means he must constantly travel from world to world until he finds his home again. Homeward Bounders cannot die, and must not interfere with Play. If he can reach his home he may stay, and re-enter play.



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