Mizragore Hans Ruedi Giger — was an Academy Award-winning Swiss painter, sculptor, and set designer best known for his design work on the film Alien. Add the first question. My friend Chris got it first when his dad picked it up for him at an antique auction? Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Experience Giger designing the Alien Eggs and the Derelict ship, as well as necronomlcon deleted scenes from the movie itself. Use the HTML below.

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This man is Hans Reudi Giger; aka H. So what is all the fuss about? In the documentary about this failed movie it was later done by David Lynch instead , Jodorowsky tells us why he chose Giger and explains that he had tapped into something very dark and it was the perfect imagery for the evil that was supposed to be present in the film. While a pioneer in research that had only recently been dreamed up in science fiction, his bright future gave way to ruin as Parsons headed down another, darker path into the occult community of mid-century Los Angeles.

Ron Hubbard, but there will be more on Crowley in a bit. Sir Ridley Scott was knighted in and for good reason. The fact that we see this concept so often in works of occult art is of no coincidence. They want to eventually push for the sexual offspring of the alien-demonic race; similar to the Nephilim race that were allegedly created by giants from the heavens and the women they mated with on Earth. Many like to envision an alien creature that wants its eggs inside you.

It can be a little intimidating or off-putting to those who do not fantasize about being the willing or unwilling host of alien beings inside them. It blurs the line of our own humanity to find sexual pleasure with something that is so far from human, and for some, just talking about it gets them wet.

This is the disturbing result of predictive programming. Hollywood has showed us this concept and now people are getting into it as a sexual fetish. You can see this as an example of how the agenda works. First the occultists make contact with the demonic entities, then they place them in works of art, and finally the people subscribe to it and start practicing it. His work explored the connection of the subconscious with its symbols and the conscious mind.

His influence on sigil magick has no doubt inspired modern day occultists like Damien Echols and the like. On one occasion it worked only too effectively, as two unfortunate persons learnt to their cost. They were of the dilettante kind, mere dabblers in the occult. They wanted Spare to conjure an Elemental to visible appearance. They had seen materialized spirits of the dead in the seance room, but had never seen an Elemental.

Spare tried to dissuade them, explaining that such creatures were subconscious automata inhabiting the human psyche at levels normally inaccessible to the conscious mind. As they almost always embodied atavistic urges and propensities, it was an act of folly to evoke them as their intrusion into waking life could be extremely dangerous.

Both the people concerned were fundamentally changed. Within weeks, one died of no apparent cause; the other had to be committed to an insane asylum. Giger: Although Spare was convinced that an occult Intelligence frequently painted, drew, or wrote through him, he was unable to discover its identity. His graphic symbology represents a definite language designed to facilitate communication with the psychic and subliminal world.

The point behind this is to convey to the reader that Giger has traversed the depths of the Abyss that many occultists have explored. Crowley and Spare both employed magick rituals and occult practices to explore this nether region where alleged evil spirits reside. There are of course many differences between the two entities, but in my opinion they are both expressions of the same evil that exists in a hidden dimension.

Occultists believe that confronting this form of evil is what is required to cross the bridge into enlightenment. On the Kabbalah Tree of Life it is the shortcut that takes one from the earthly realm of the adept and into the heavens where God resides. Lovecraft as well H. It seems that he has not only peered into the Abyss; but brought some things back with him… Other Occult Influences Another man associated with Giger is Timothy Leary.

Here we have a man who also followed Crowley while promoting LSD as a way to expand the mind. He seems to also have supported the idea of traversing the Abyss and dissolution of the ego through the journeys one could take on LSD.

It spooks us because of its enormous evolutionary time span. Is it coincidental? Or is this part of the output from the symbolism rich environment Giger created? In Conclusion If H. In a interview with Steven Cerio he was flat out asked about the satanism in his works but seems to evade direct response: Is your use of Satanism purely poetic? Giger: My interest came from literature. You see; the Illuminati are practitioners of the occult. In order to understand their agenda you must study and learn occult practices like ceremonial magick which typically include some form of contact with the spiritual realm.

Those that dabble into the dark underbelly find themselves face-to-face with the purest form of evil which takes the appearance of demonic spirits. These practices are deceptions in that the Illuminati want to harness the global energy to seek these demonic entities. Giger: Man is both.

If there were only good people, the world would be shit. This is the expression and purpose of satanism. The followers truly believe that Satan is the dark hero who makes all things possible. He is the ultimate bad-boy. When you search for the Devil; he will appear… Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this subject matter please sign up for the free email newsletter.

It has video clips and more info not covered in this post: Website publisher of IlluminatiWatcher. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way.

His fresh perspective and openly admitted imperfections promotes the rational approach to exploring these taboo subjects and conspiracy theories.



The nightmarish works of H. Giger, the artist behind "Alien" Written by Matt Domino This article was published in partnership with Artsy, the global platform for discovering and collecting art. The original article can be seen here. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. Chances are, H. Giger has given you a nightmare.


H. R Giger Necronomicon Documentary



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