Ghada Samman: A Writer of Many Layers By Pauline Homsi Vinson Ghada Samman is a prolific writer who has produced over 40 works in a variety of genres, including journalism, poetry, short stories, and the novel. Outspoken, innovative, and provocative, Samman is a highly respected if sometimes controversial writer in the Arab world who is becoming increasingly well known internationally; several of her works have been translated from Arabic into languages such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, German, Japanese, and Farsi. All of the works above have been reviewed in previous issues of Al Jadid. There is a wealth of material on Samman in Arabic, including several book-length studies and numerous interviews.

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Ghadah Al-Samman is one of the most famous female Arab writers. She left a noticeable trace on modern Arabic literature. More photos Career Ghada Al-Samman worked in a library and as an English teacher in one of the secondary schools in Damascus while she was still studying at college. She was also employed as a lecturer in Damascus University and as a journalist and as a program coordinator at Damascus Radio Station.

Al-Samman started her writing career in She published her first story in the Syrian newspaper Al-Akhbar.

Later she collected her press articles in a series she called The Incomplete Works. It was published in fifteen books. She also has nine books of poetic texts.

These books reflect the events and experiences of her life. Ghada El-Samman published two more novels in and These novels made her the most prominent modern Arab writer, as some critics say. Ghada Al-Samman settled in Paris in She started writing the last page on a weekly basis for Al-Hawadeth magazine. After her husband died in and Al-Hawadeth magazine was discontinued, she has lived in seclusion in Paris and stopped publishing.

More photos Achievements Ghada Al-Samman became a famous Arab writer, who gained recognition despite prejudice against women in the Arab world. Through the course of her life, she published a great number of works, which got good reviews and were translated into several languages.


Ghada al-Samman

Career[ edit ] Her father was fond of both Western literature and Arabic literature ; this influenced her deeply and gave her a unique style that combines attributes of both. Nevertheless, she soon was confronted with the conservative Damascene society in which she was raised and lived her early years. However, she was lumped at the time with other traditional feminine writers. Her later publications took her out of the tight range of feminine and love novels to much wider social, feminist and philosophical extents.


Ghada Samman: A Writer of Many Layers


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