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All rights reserved. Other brand and product names are registered tradem arks or trad emarks of their respective holders. St atement of Conditions In th T estsender kann B-4 Private IP Addresses D-1 Field L H-2 S tep Audience, Scope, Conventions, and Format s This reference manual assumes that the reader h as basic to interme diate computer and Internet skills. However , basic comp uter network, Each page in the HTML version of the manu al i The FWG1 14P v2 will log security events, such as blocked incoming traffic, port scans, attacks, and administrator logins.

Y ou can conf igure the router to e-mail the log to you at specified The following features T able Y ou will find out how to configure your ProSafe W ireless Also, the Resour ce CD for the P Figure Connect the broadb and modem to the router d. Securely inse First, turn on t From your PC, launch your Internet browser. Because you are not yet connected to the Internet, your browser will disp lay a page n After logging in to the router , y ou will see the login result page.

Figure Login Result p age Y ou are now connec ted to the router. If you do not see the menu above, click the Setup W izard lin If the Setu p W izard f When you start an Internet application, your firewa ll will automatica This information should have been provided to you by your ISP. Y ou will need the co Select your Internet conn Observing Performance, Placem ent, and Range Guidelines In planning your wire less network, you sh ou ld consider the level of se curity required. For this reason, us The very strong authentication along with dynamic per frame rekeying of WP A and The station name of the FWG1 14P v2.

The SSID is also kn own as the wireless network name. Enter a value of up to 32 alphanumeric characters. For an existing wireless network, the pers Once you have established basic wireless connectivity , you can enable secur Click Apply to save your changes. Configure and test your PCs for wireless connectivity. Check th Y ou can select a de vice from the list of available wireless cards the FWGP v2 has discovered in your area, or you can manually enter the MAC add Select WEP on the pulldown menu.

The WEP options menu will open. Choose the Authentication These values must be identi cal on all PCs and A ccess Points in your network. Select WP A with Radius on the pulldown menu. The WP A with Radius menu will open This must match the value used on the Radius server. Select WP A2 with Radius on the pulldown menu. The WP A2 with Radius menu will op Select the desired E Furthermore, client software is required on the client. Select the desired Encryption method.

Enter the pre-shared key in the Passphra se field. Enter a w ord or group of printable characters in the Passphrase box. Be sure you have prepared the basic re quirements listed belo Otherwise, select your modem from the list.

Configure the Auto-Rollover settings. Click Apply for the changes to take effect. Configuring Dial-in on the Serial Port A broadband co nnection to the F WG1 14P v2. An analog phone line. A serial modem properly configur Click Apply for the These f eatures can be found by clicking on the Content Filteri The Keyword Blockin g menu is shown here.

Figure Block Sites menu T o enable filtering, click the checkb From this list, sel ect the application or service to be allowed or blocked. The list already displays many common services, but yo u are not limited to these choices. Use the Se Example: Port Forwarding for Vide oconferencing If you want to allow incoming vi deoconferencing to be initiated from a restricted range of outside IP addre Figure Inbound For any traffic attempting to pass through the firewall, the packet informatio n is For ex ample, am would b e 10 hours and 30 minutes and 0 pm would be 22 hours and 30 minutes.

Be sure to click Apply when you h a Select this check box if you want to receive e-mail logs and alerts from the router. If you ena What to Include in the Event Log Use these ch eckbox es t o determine which ev ents a r e included in the log.

Checking all options wi The Add Port screen will display. From the Add Port screen, enter This message ca n be ignored. The file will pr int once the printer finishes printing the first file. Install the Netgear Printer Port Driver and configuration utility softwar Click Finish when the Installation W izard is done. After a sh The IP address will us ually be The Select Device Port button supports multi-port models, Answer: This may be caused by an existing For Network Path or Queue, enter a dummy value, such as , as shown below.

Click Next. Figure Windows Add Printe r Wizard e. The printer wi Right-click the new printer and select Properti es. Then select the De tails tab, as shown below. Figure Windows Print er Properties h. Click the Add Port button. On the resultin g screen, select Ot her , then


Netgear FWG114P



FWG114Pv2 – Wireless Firewall with USB Print Server



FWG114Pv1 – Wireless Firewall with USB Print Server





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