Explanation of Symbols Procedures which may lead to a dangerous condition and cause death or DANGER serious injury to the user if not carried out properly. Should the battery discharge below the minimum voltage level, control will be lost. Prior to operation always perform a range test. Page 6: Storage And Disposal Safety Precautions Make all adjustments to the radio control system with the engine not running, or the electric motor disconnected. If the engine is running or the motor is connected while adjustments are made, the model may run out of control.

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Build Quality— Everything looked and felt well done for this price point. Set-up Notes— Receiver came pre-bound to the transmitter making set-up very simple. We used a Hitec servo while testing. The steering wheel was covered in a high quality soft foam which felt on par to nearly anything else on the market.

The grip was hard plastic a reality at this price point that was more comfortable than most RTR radios I have used. The distance relationship between your trigger hand and your steering hand felt very comfortable.

Ease of Use— The 3PRKA is exceptionally easy to use- simply pop open a small lexan door near the rear of the transmitter to access the trim dials and channel reversing switches. We had no issues calibrating either of our two speedos to the Futaba.

What it does come with are the essentials- trims, channel reversing, steering dual rate, and throttle endpoint adjustments. Appearance— Appearance is a very personal thing, but among our test crew we liked the no antenna look, and loved the 5 spoke wheel.

Comparing notes to our Transmitter Shootout grams would have nearly have won the weight category. I recorded a range of feet on flat ground before I started losing control of the truck. For comparison, feet is longer than any non-Futaba radio that we had in our transmitter shootout. As with all of our stuff, if you see us at a bash, stop by and check out the vehicles we have with us.

We may let you take a test drive, and at the very least get you some stickers! Car Show Rating — 7. Bash-A-Bility — I dropped the 3PRKA from over 10 feet high to concrete and repeatedly smashed it full speed with my 4S 8th scale buggy and the Futaba has lived to fight another day.

Our test 3PRKA might be nicked and dinged, but it still works fine, even after uncalled for abuse. Range- 9. Value- 8. Big Squid Rating — 8. Want a cooler radio than the rest of the guys at your local bash spot? On track the 3PRKA performs very similar to radios costing 4 times as much, has better range than some radios costing 4 times as much, and it can take intense abuse.


Futaba 3PL 2.4GHz FHSS radio



Radio Futaba 4PL 2.4GHZ R2104GF S-FHSS


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