On a few rare occasions, our presence was noted, but no one was ever able to determine who or what we were. The Vault of Souls. We altered the flow of magic so that you and Saphira would meet. What do you believe the Vault of Souls contains? We did not always succeed, but we were able to help those who still fought Galbatorix, and as time progressed, we grew more adept and more confident with our tampering.

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Edit I think that the Rock of Kuthian is a place on the former dragon rider capitol Vroengard and a true dragon rider speaks their true name and it opens to the Vault of Souls where the heart of hearts of the dragons of old are kept, Galbatorix could not open this becuase he does not know his true name. I just had an idea. After all, when dragons are able to summon the energy to do magic, their strength is nearly unlimited, as Saphira demonstrates when she repairs the star sapphire.

Du Fells Nangoroth! In Brisingr, Glaedr says that they moved most of the eldunari! I have a pretty outlandish theory that many people will probably discredit immediately. What if the vault of souls is the hiding place of the original Eragon? As the first rider, he probably knows much more about dragons and their powers than anyone else, including Gabatorix, which would probably be enough to give the Varden the upper hand in the war. I think that the Rock of Kuthian is a place where someone can access magic and energy freely.

Just a guess. Therefore his heart of hearts would be almost a rock of Kuthian. The only problem would be getting it, because Galby would almost certainly have it in his posseision already. And having control over either of those would be a great boost to his knowledge and power. I also like the random idea that Aren, his ring has something to do wth it and also the seven words that Brom told Eragon.

Im pretty sure that the Rock of Kuthian which is seemingly the entrance to the vault of souls is somehow connected to the secret name of the Beor Mountains which no race knows except for the dwarves and that though the name of the mointains themselves would probably not be known to the monks of Arcaena they might have mentioned either the The Rock of Kuthian or The Vault of Souls in Dominia abr Wyrda since it is after all a human writing not elven from Oromis.

I shall search for it but i do not think i will find mention of it in elven writings. I think the most likely in Tronjheim AKA The city of twilight because i have heard something similar in regards to Angvard The God of Death whom resides in the realm of twilight and therefore it is only fitting that the entrance to his domain The Vault of Souls is within The City of Twilight. I also think that this rock is a sacred secret kept by the dwarves and is probably something that has enforced theyr beliefs to extreme that they were made of rocks by Helzvog.

It also fits since Angvard is a word of dwarven Origin. And if not in Tronjheim i would think that it resides somewhere else in the Beor Mountains. In book 4 many speculate that Eragon will try to uncover his true name, in order to visit the Vault of Souls "Then, when all seems lost and your power is insufficient, go to the rock of Kuthian and speak your name to open the Vault of Souls," -Solembum, in Eragon, page When the Banishing Of Names happened, it is possible that the dragons who cast the spell also banished the rock of Kuthian.

Eragon may, therefore, be the only human who knows the name, and Solembum the only one who knows anything else. That may be why it sounded familiar. As Brom stated, in Eragon, to know the name of the Ancient Language would be to have control over magic itself. From this hint from Paolini, it will be very interesting to see what happens when Eragon speaks his name probably his True Name and not his given one to open the vault of souls.

One possibility that the name Kuthian and Vault of Souls is familiar to Oromis, Arya and possibly others is that the information was wiped from their memories in somewhat the same fashion as the Banishing of Names, or as part of it. If one of them was Kuthien, than he would have noticed something.

In addition, speaking his true name could possibly be the key to opening this Vault of Souls. Further, it is speculated that if Eragon does open the Vault, he will gain the power of the souls trapped within, depriving Galbatorix and Murtagh of the advantage.

Alternatively, the souls would escape or he would release them from the open vault and rob Galbatorix and Murtagh of their enhanced abilities. I realised that the colours of the three new dragons were also the primary colours of light red, blue and green. Shruikan is the only other living dragon in alagaesia, and he is black which is an absence of light.

It is possible that Eragon will go to the Vault of Souls if he requires immense power for his final fight with Galbatorix in Book 4. Another theory is that the word, "souls", is similar to spirits. As a reward, Eragon could be transformed into an "Anti-Shade". This unlikely because the spirits of Shades purposely take control of the sorcerer, and as such they are not trapped against their will.

This is unlikely because if it were true, Oromis would not have said that he had heard the name before. He tells Eragon he never has found anything, which makes it unlikely that Galbatorix missed whatever may be in the Vault. However, because Oromis is crippled in his use of magic, it could affect how well he searches.

Another plausible theory concerns Eragon I. Also that she had her fortune told to her by Angela, and that it caused her much distress. There is a slight chance there are some that exist, but considering all the hints and clues from all the books, it most likely has something to do with Eragon I. Maybe as the first Rider, he will give Eragon some power over all the Riders, including Galbatorix and Murtagh. This could include the true name essence of what it means to be a Rider.

Or, that Eragon I never died and will agree to assist Eragon in defeating Galbatorix. The theory is that Galbatorix had discovered the Rock of Kuthian but unable to open the Vault of Souls. Therefore he tried find the name to open it. The "name" may also be the true name of the ancient language, a name which Brom said would have immense power. As mention above, she insisted that her child should be named "Eragon". My theory is that because it was already been reveiled that Brom will be brought back from the dead in some way, it is quite possible that Eragon will use the vault of souls will do this.

But, if this location is the vault of souls, than it would have so much power it would easily be able to kill Galbatorix, if Eragon could use it against him. Fire consumes life, but also prepares for a new beginning.

When Eldest came out i read it fast. In Brisingr, when Eragon goes to speak with Jeod, Jeod claims that after Brom killed Morzan when he returned he said that somethng changed and that Brom found something improtant. Also the most probbilbe reason why Arya and Oromis cannot remember the Rock of Kuthian was because of the bannishing of names. It is possible that the Vault of Souls is the place where the wild dragons went to die. But, I could be wrong. Everyone has great ideas.

If it was Eldunari then it would also explain where the crystal gets the strength to float. It is an organ, so therefore it should have a uniform shape. My speculation for the reason why Arya and Oromis cannot remember the Rock of Kuthian, and why Oromis doubted he would find it in elven works, is that the Rock of Kuthian predates the elves. It is possible it is some remainder of the Grey Folk, some powerful place of magic that was in Alagaesia before the Elves arrived, and as such would only be found in Grey Folk or possibly Dwarf writings.

So the Vault of Souls, hidden in the Rock of Kuthian, could be a vault of Eldunari made by the dragons at this ancient place of magic. It is unlikely that anyone alive would know where it is, as all the Dragons still alive at the end of Brisingr are too young and untrained to know, the Gray Folk have disapeared, it Predates Elves and Humans, and the Dwarves cared nothing for old magics and the dragons. If the words were instructions, it is likely that he forgot them in his mourning of Broms death and will remember them in the 4th book.

It is also possible that Brom left more memories for Saphira, and these could reference the Vault, perhaps how to find it and what resides within it. Most likely the vault will reside on Vroengard, inside a cave shielded by the Rock of Kuthian, and will contain Eldunari or other sources of great power created by the Riders who stayed for long periods on the island.

Remember, Eragon asked Saphira if she had any more memories. I do like the idea about the words being instuctions though.

Why does everyone assume that the Vault has something to do with Eldunari? Maybe, the "Vault" is the home of the spirits. Makes sense that the least-known race houses the Vault. Arya states in Brisingr that spirits are not souls.

That makes it unlikely that the Vault of Souls would contain spirits I believe that in the Vault of souls is a gem of improportunate size which is the fusion of many different Eldunari. This and maybe a scroll revealing the true name of magic it self. If you notice the people who have forgotten the rock of kuthian are ELVES and humans who knew have probably died. I think that elundunari has nothing to do with any of it, and why does everybody think that.

I think that the Vault of Souls is going to open some kind of portal, and Eragon is going to lead the people of the Varden, Surda, and the Elves through the portal leaving the Empire, meaning Angela prophecy would come true. Also we know that in book four Eragon has a vision of him leaving with another Dragon so the third egg has to hatch to someone outside of the Empire.

This would make sense with this whole theory. In his vision, Eragon sees some people leaving on a boat.

It never says who is involved Maybe the Vault of Souls is a place that is sacred to dragons and must be kept a secret and not told unless in a time of great need. If this is true than prehaps Glaedar will be able to tell Eragon where the rock of Kuthain is and would be able to help him succed.

Eragon asked Oromis and Glaedr before they died, and, though they had heard of the word, they did not know what it was. The Book 4 page says that Brom will come back, but in an unexpected way.

May be the Vault of Souls could be where the souls of living beings went to after death. Moved from mainspace. What if the true name of magic is the weapon to be found under the roots of the Menoa tree? That leaves the vault of souls open to be a different power.

There are religious themes in Eragon, and the name souls implies that the vault connects to nothingness, and perhaps to the old Gods, or to the eludinari of the dragons who were not killed by Galbatorix. Many questions could be answered, and Eragon could meet the spirit of his mother, Vrael, Eragon I, the elder dragons, maybe even the old gods, etc.

He would not do something so twisted as sorcery, but if he was desperate enough to use the true name of magic to end linguistic control of magic itself, then meething the dead and facing death could give him peace within his own soul that allows him to control magic insintively.

It is unlikely that Eragon will visit Du Weldenvarden in the last book, and the brightsteel for his sword was found there already. Others have thought that the name "Kuthien" was wiped clean in much the same manner as the dragons of the Forsworn. Neither is really plausable. Because the prophecy states that it will only open when Eragon 1 finds his power insufficient, 2 when he speaks his name to it.

I really doubt he would risk that. The only way for a person to be able to actually say the names of those dragons is if they read it from a paper.

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The Vault of Souls (chapter)

FanTheory — A theory regarding past or present works. And for posts that are not marked with the spoiler flair, please use spoiler tags in the comment section: Like Anakin was conceived by The Force to bring balance, your theory would have Eragon be conceived by exterior magic powers. Draws close attention to the Star Wars parallel that runs throughout erahon series. We thought there was a chance — a small one, but a chance nonetheless — that you might prove to be a fit match for her. Both Oromis and Arya struggled to remember the name of the Rock of Kuthian, yet both acknowledged an odd feeling at the back of their mind as if they knew of the Rock at one point in time. Rule 3 — Theories must be about creative works TV shows, movies, video games, anime, comic books, novels and even songs are things we like to see, but events pertaining to real life are not. While interesting, one must always vaut that a piece of history or information was included in a prior book as a reference or building block for future plotlines.


Vault of Souls


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