After her boyfriend Tristan was killed in a car accident, Ivy took up with Gregory, who turned out to be a serial murderer and all-round bad guy. She was saved from him by a combination of Tristan in angel form, her psychic best friend Beth and stalwart admirer Will. And then Kelsey and Dhanya insist on holding a sceance. Within days, Ivy herself has a car accident. She survives, to the incredulity of everyone at the hospital, but not to her. Ivy is convinced that Tristan appeared to her and kept her alive with a kiss.

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She is bestfriends with Beth Kelsey annd Dhanya. Past girlfriend to her departed boyfriend Tristan. A car hits them and Ivy dies. Now, Ivy is helping Guy, a dude that lost his memory. Beth Beth is bestfriends with Ivy and Will. Beth was in the accident with Ivy and saw her dead for a few minutes.

Beth is challenged with Ivy. Sh has a feeling that something horrible is going to happen and soon. She doesnt know what it is yet though. Beth is trying to look out for Ivy and as well as Will because hes also hurting from the way Ivy is acting. Kelsey Kelsey is just a girl that works together in the cottage with Ivy and the others.

She goes wherever Kelsey goes. She has boy problems in the book. Hes been with her through everything. Will is also over-protective. He does some research on the Guy Luke and finds out that he really is a murderer. But Luke is not in his body anymore. Its Tristan. Guy Luke Luke is the guy Ivy meets at the hospital after the accident.

Ivy takes him under her wings. Soon, Ivy is falling in love with him. But not because of him, himself, but because he reminds her of Tristan. They get together as well. Later on in the book, Luke is found by the cops because of Will and charged for murder on his ex-girlfriend. He comes back to Ivy when everyone is sleeping and tells her that its actually Tristan.



Okay, show of hands. I was the latter. I read the original trilogy a couple years back and I was largely unimpressed. I thought it kind of cliched and melodramatic.

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