These devices are usually used to store user configurable parameters and device serial numbers. They use a serial bus interface, which allows them to be packaged in inexpensive 8 pin packages. They are usually specified to retain the data for 10 years and to endure , write operations before failure. They only require a 5 volt power supply some 3V only versions exist too. Because these chips use a serial interface, they can not be read quickly enough to serve as conventional memory. In addition, a considerable length of time milliseconds is required to perform a write operation.

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Niktilar They use a serial bus interface, which allows them to be packaged in inexpensive 8 pin packages. Their literature number is As mentioned above, four wires are actually required, and the 93CS46 has two additional lines that work together with a special write protection register.

However, there is no library about 93c46 in Proteus. Mar 16, 4. I 2 C is a trademard of Philips. Usage is free of charge, but this image is not in the public domain. Using in printed media: If you have a Courier account, please tell us before the confirmation of order.

Heat sinks, Part 2: And i am planning to do that with Proteus. All protected memory locations will forever be unwritable, but the locations not protected will remain subject to WEN and WDS. Mar 18, 7. PRDS Permenantly freeze the protection register to its current value. Original 93c46 At93c46 Sop-8 Eeprom. Infineon reserves the right to make corrections, deletions, modifications, enhancements, improvements and other changes to the content and materials, its products, programs and services at any time or to move or discontinue any content, products, programs, or services without notice.

Input port and input output port declaration in top module 2. It appears that you are reading mirror pins. Our Company Advantage 1. Do you already have an account? I have also an Arduino Eleven or Uno equivalent eerom 4 related terminals: All memory locations before and including the value in R0 will become write protected.

From Efprom Commons, the free media repository. The code is basically designed to manipulate a single 93CS46 chip, connected to six of the port pins. Mar 19, 9. Unfortunately, these chips use an 8 bit address field, whereas the 93C46 uses only 6. It applies to both the 93C46 and 93CS46 chips.

A simpler approach may be to set the bit addresses of these bits in the. We are professional electronic components supplier, Bulk stock and Advantage price for you. Quote of the day. I need to identify each of the 8 pins of the other circuit and see what connections need to be done. Turn on power triac — proposed circuit analysis 0. How do you get an MCU design to market quickly? Related Posts.





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