Act I[ edit ] Jonathan Harker , a young lawyer from England, travels to Transylvania in order to fix a deal with the elderly Count Dracula , who wants to buy a home in London Prologue. Harker enjoys a lavish supper set by his host and asks the Count if he knows anyone in England. Dracula responds that he knows Harker, and that other contacts have been made in advance to ensure his arrival in England is well received. The Count voices his desire to begin a new life in his new country "Solitary Man". Once Dracula leaves, Harker composes a letter to Mina, who herself remembers how they met "Whitby Bay". Early one morning Dracula surprises Harker while shaving, causing Harker to cut himself.

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Join us for a terrifying and passionate new musical based on one of the most frightening novels ever written. Together, they have created Dracula, The Musical, a thrilling drama of suspense and a Gothic romance of dreamlike temptation. Performing rights for Dracula have just been released by Music Theatre International. Stagings will be listed on the Dracula productions page as they are announced. You can find more information and request a license on the MTI website. Broadway production photography by Joan Marcus.

The show ran from 13 October through 25 November , officially opening on 21 October. The show officially opened on 19 August, and played a total of 22 previews and performances. Production photos are available on Playbill Online St. Gallen St. Gall , Switzerland. The show played a first season of performances from 23 April through 29 June , and a second season from 13 September through 2 January Roman Hinze provided the German translation for the show.

Photos from opening night have been posted in the Project Photo Gallery. This staging was the premiere of a newly revised version of the show, including songs not heard in the Broadway production. It was also the non-equity premiere of the show.

Performances took place at pm nightly, on 8 preview , 9 premiere , 11, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19 and August Gallen production. A new German translation was provided by Herwig Thelen. Photos have been posted at rolfbock. Regional Productions: Local and regional stagings of Dracula began in , with stagings in the U.

You can find details in the Calender Section of this site. The show was presented in English. More information is available on the Face Productions website.


Dracula The Musical

Opened 19th August ; closed 2nd January, Harker manages to escape - after being bitten by his host - to Budapest. In the meantime, Dracula has reached London and starts searching for victims. He contacts Renfield and promises him eternal life in exchange for his service.


Dracula, The Musical

Kigagrel Local and regional stagings of Dracula began inwith stagings in the U. Dracula Dracula II: He adds that he knows how to kill the vampire, and will meet with everyone again in two weeks. More information is available on the Face Productions website. Jack Seward enters and tells Renfield to stop eating bugs. Mina argues with him, but eventually consents. You can find details in the Calender Section of this site. Torn between her devotion to Harker and her darker desires, Mina begins to question what she really wants in life.


Dracula (Frank Wildhorn)




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