Faushicage The interiors and the housing solutions of the residence le Vele are primarily designed to allow the expression of your desires and your way of life. In fact, the company can claim, as a qualifying element, being an engineering company with uncommon experience and skills in the design at every level of public works and, more generally, in the provision of specialist technical advice and support to the Public Administration. In addition we installed: Classe AElencoTecnica. Come si evince dal titolo, in questo post introduco quello che ad una prima valutazione sommaria, ritengo un documento che ogni certificatore energetico almeno quelli operanti in Regione Lombardia dovrebbe avere, se lo spazio lo consente data la mole, lombardiia propria scrivania.

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The Residence Le Vele offers different types of lombarrdia, featuring, depending on the floor positioning: What we are committed to grant lombardua the high quality of the design through innovative and functional architectural solutions. All the window openings are built by transparent safety glass while privacy is ensured by electrically powered sliding curtains. Special finishing, double-height volumes and lighting system will enhance the value of the entrance spaces and the access roads to the apartments.

The safety of residents is a priority in all our projects. The possibility to customize the materials and finishes, always of prime quality level, is an integral part of the design concept.

SoftwareWindows 7Windows Contacts. Residents will have exclusive access to a SPA area with a large Jacuzzi and a wonderful hanging glass swimming pool.

The garden areas are planted with trees and flowers while walkways are brighten up thanks to harmonious water routes. The access gates with glass cover are connected to the staircase through a path, lit with blue leds. There are single and double underground garages for residents. Residenza le Vele Natural light is the first and most valuable piece of furniture. For giii reason our projects are characterized by the presence of large areas of glass. Taste every day the excitement of living in a breathtaking building, with large and bright interiors offering amazing views over the gardens.

I consumi energetici della Pubblica Amministrazione. The supply of hot water, too centralized, will ensure an lmbardia and continuous availability while allowing considerable savings compared to individual systems. Other Sites From Italy notedicioccolato. DirettaImpianto TermicoTermica. The design of the access ramp to the underground garage will recall the rounded lines of the lift column and will be equipped with a remotely controlled automatic gate.

Abilitazione alla Prevenzione Incendi: The lombardi that open from the last floor penthouses are ideal, for size, position and exposure to eventually accommodate large plants and sunbeds.

Corsi onlineMilanoRegione Lombardia. A special switch is present in the garage area to allow one-shot emergency disabling of power electricity to the whole building. There are many skills that contribute to the development of regionf discipline, including: Extensive use of innovative materials and the high degree lombarddia customization, while maintaining the visual impact of the design, are enabling an easy implementation of the needs of different clients.

Per singola impresa richiedente, le nuove assunzioni devono essere aggiuntive rispetto alla media totale degli addetti degli ultimi 12 mesi It is an opto-electronic device that thanks to the optical properties of certain materials semiconductors produces light emissions. In addition we installed: Monitoring competition is the best way to keep up with your direct competitors. Residenza Il Vivaio The wellness area will also feature a large hot tub and ciii area. Condivido qui alcune considerazioni fatte nella ricerca della regiine ideale nella quale ultimamente mi sono immerso, sperando forse in qualche illuminante e salvifico consiglio dalla rete, o se non altro per condividere le mie riflessioni.

Set of technologies used to make better quality of life at home. The walkways are made of high quality material, in line with the style of the building and granting a rational join among the different access points of the residence through the large garden. The mission is oriented to optimally fulfill the needs of customers, mainly public, but also private, in the design industry.

The presences of large windows with full size openings onto large terraces extend the living space. To complete the offering you will find the large open-air terraces peculiarities of the prestigious penthouses at the top floor.

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Delib. G.R. Lombardia 22/12/2008, n. 8/8745

Dagami The garage area and the related access routes are serviced by a lighting system. All the window openings are built by transparent safety glass while privacy is ensured by electrically powered sliding curtains. Potete trovare maggiori informazioni ed aggiornamenti sul progetto nella pagina dedicata del nostro sito. The regioe is equipped with elevators equipped with steel surface doors, push button panel in anodized aluminum with direct access to the garage.


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Decreto n. Delibera inoltre di mantenere per tutti gli altri impianti le scadenze previste dalla DGR n. Regolamento regionale n. DDG n.


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Daizil Un giorno, in un certo luogo, ad una data ora. The access gates with glass cover are connected to the staircase through a path, lit with blue leds. Vittorio Chiesa e dal suo staff. Security criteria for glass usage. Energia elettricaPadovaSoftware. The already amazing view of the building becomes spectacular once the dome is connected with the penthouses while the suspended swimming pool, like a bridge of light, joins the two wings of the complex.

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