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Do you have a phone number, Ms. Smyth, your bus is gonna be leaving out there from gate 10 at Have a nice day. So we just heard that conversation between a woman and the bus company employee. And the woman bought a bus ticket to Calgary, Alberta, which is a city in Canada. So, Suzanne, how about now we take a closer look at that conversation and identify the three most important parts, and take a look at the expressions and the vocabulary that were used by both the woman and bus guy.

Does that sound all right? I was wanting to go to Calgary PM. So, actually, Suzanne, what was really striking about this conversation to me is that there was no greeting. To me it seems like maybe she thinks that there is no bus there. So when is the next bus departing, right? Or what time does the next bus leave? All of these questions achieve the same thing. They mean the same thing, right? Just the next bus for the location that you want.

Sort of formal, a formal yet general way of calling someone. If the woman is younger or a girl, you could say miss, right? Yes, sir? I like doing it. Very common. I forgot I gotta weigh that. What would you say in that situation, Sue? So, no, actually, I have two bags and one carry-on. Maybe you have more. And so what is weighing a bag? What is this all about, weighing a bag?

But they do expect each customer to have a certain amount per bag, I guess to balance the bus, you know? To balance out the luggage area.

And so this weigh means to measure the weight, the heaviness of an object. What is tear off and what is a tag? You need the passport to cross the border, so make sure you have your ID, have your passport, have all your documents ready to go.

Smyth, the woman, Ms. Talk to you next time. When someone goes to the bus station, she usually wants to get a bus leaving at the earliest available time. Therefore, asking for the time of the next bus is a direct way of asking for the earliest available bus one can take.

There are many variations of this question that have similar meanings. People who stay in a stuffy room feel hot and uncomfortable. Do you mind opening a window? The food is weird; I hate dancing; and I have to wear a stuffy suit and tie all day. The whole experience makes me uncomfortable.





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