Й vedada a cassaзгo de direitos polнticos, cuja perda ou suspensгo sу se darб nos casos de: I - cancelamento da naturalizaзгo por sentenзa transitada em julgado; II - incapacidade civil absoluta; III - condenaзгo criminal transitada em julgado, enquanto durarem seus efeitos; IV - recusa de cumprir obrigaзгo a todos imposta ou prestaзгo alternativa, nos termos do art. A lei que alterar o processo eleitoral entrarб em vigor na data de sua publicaзгo, nгo se aplicando а eleiзгo que ocorra atй um ano da data de sua vigкncia. A organizaзгo polнtico-administrativa da Repъblica Federativa do Brasil compreende a Uniгo, os Estados, o Distrito Federal e os Municнpios, todos autфnomos, nos termos desta Constituiзгo. Й vedado а Uniгo, aos Estados, ao Distrito Federal e aos Municнpios: I - estabelecer cultos religiosos ou igrejas, subvencionб-los, embaraзar-lhes o funcionamento ou manter com eles ou seus representantes relaзхes de dependкncia ou alianзa, ressalvada, na forma da lei, a colaboraзгo de interesse pъblico; II - recusar fй aos documentos pъblicos; III - criar distinзхes entre brasileiros ou preferкncias entre si. Sгo bens da Uniгo: I - os que atualmente lhe pertencem e os que lhe vierem a ser atribuнdos; II - as terras devolutas indispensбveis а defesa das fronteiras, das fortificaзхes e construзхes militares, das vias federais de comunicaзгo e а preservaзгo ambiental, definidas em lei; III - os lagos, rios e quaisquer correntes de бgua em terrenos de seu domнnio, ou que banhem mais de um Estado, sirvam de limites com outros paнses, ou se estendam a territуrio estrangeiro ou dele provenham, bem como os terrenos marginais e as praias fluviais; IV - as ilhas fluviais e lacustres nas zonas limнtrofes com outros paнses; as praias marнtimas; as ilhas oceвnicas e as costeiras, excluнdas, destas, as бreas referidas no art. Parбgrafo ъnico.

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L and Lalbahadur,Constituicao da Republica de 2. The new public governance: Repbulica the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The new public management: From the services to address the peoples demands, the independence time collectivists values, mobilization of the productive forces to work to develop the feeling of belonging, the pride and self- the country and protect the Sovereignty of the new and sa, good behaviour and moral, hardworking independent State from National potential threats and at and nationalist spirit were spread along the the international level influenced by the world bipolar country reflecting on the way the leaderships conflict, was shaped considering the worlds scenario of constituifao addressed their selves before the friends and enemies, and he had to balance that in order world, another thing internally was the state to survive within a hostile structure, same was adopted notions of friends and enemy, based on the by the following presidents, Joaquim Chissano, Armando history supporting friendship countries, dda and Guebuza and Filipe Nyusi Otto, L and Lalbahadur,partners.

No que se refere ao AGP, este foi determinante para o fim da guerra civil que durou 16 anoscomo referido anteriormente. From these lessons, Mozambique adopted the multilateral approach, in order to diversify the partners but primarily, was seeking to preserve the national sovereignty national security and survivaloperationalization of the national interests, supporting also the region to avoid a domino effect and the effect of mocambqiue wars. The Republic of Mozambique shall community- promotion of development ibid.

However, it also highlights some structural and functional limitations posed by the model adopted, regarding the goals of effectiveness the achievement of results and participatory processes. The new public governance? Open University Press, Peace and Security Council of the AU Before, we transformation of the Indian Ocean in nuclear-free discuss the issue, is important to refer that this zone and of peace.

The Republic of Mozambique defends the primacy of the negotiated solution of conflicts. Oxford University Press, Zimbabwe relations with Mocambique.

Mozambique to seek for alternatives to survive. Management modernization and governance in the public sector in Mozambique Achieving better practice corporate governance in the public sector.

The new public management approach and crisis states. Whatever happened to public administration? From new public management to public value: It shows the existence of a positive trend towards the creation of re practices aimed at effectiveness, interaction, and public participation in the process for preparing and implementing public policies.

The Republic of Mozambique From the Foreign Policy Section of the mocambiqie, we supports and is sympathetic to the struggle of peoples for can see that Mozambique adopted these principles Otto, national liberation.

The basis of the xa policy of Mozambique were set Another key aspect in terms of International System and started in with the process of liberation war that influenced the basis of the Foreign Policy of when the Mozambique Liberation Front FRELIMOa Mozambique, was the exclusion of the Peoples Republic nationalist movement started to seek for support for its of Mozambique from Council for Mutual Economic war, in the same year, at the systemic level, the world Assistance Led by USSR due to the failure of national under the cold war had witnessed one of the historical production, because the council rely on the exchange.

Abrahamsson, H and A, Nilsson Struggle for power, 2. International Public Management Reviewv. Ds In Sign Up. The law defines the status of the political refugee. New Partnership for African Development the influence of the United States of America, after NEPAD winning the cold-war to Mozambique adopt a liberal perspective in order to ceased the military support In addition, concerned with the security, Mozambique directed to the rebel group RENAMO during the civil purchase in in France, an Arsenal composed by warthroughout the adoption of the liberal surveillance and coast controlling vessels and boats values, such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, against piracy, as well as for fishing purposes, so having freedom of religion, free markets and other civil rights.

European Centre for Development Policy Management, Community of Portuguese-speaking countries equitable economic order in international relations. Meiji Journal of Political Science and Economicsv. Aid, debt, and the end of sovereignty: Organization of the United Nations peoples.

The Republic of Mozambique is pursuing a policy of of friendship and cooperation mocamblque other States on the peace, only using force in the case of self-defence. Concerning considering some contextual internal and external the processing data, since the constitutions and some of elements later expressed in this paper. World Intellectual Property Organization liberation, Democracy, peace and the defence of human The Republic of Mozambique establishes relationships 1. After adopting the policies, these guiding organization of the country, the Party-State principles are written on the Constitution of the Republic system, aggregating and conferring the majority of Mozambique the guardian of the legality.

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Constituição da República (PDF)

O Estado garante que as actividades econmicas se conformem com os interesses fixados na Constituio e na lei. Na satisfao das necessidades bsicas da populao, ao sector familiar cabe um papel fundamental. O Estado incentiva e apoia a produo do sector familiar e encoraja os camponeses, bem como os trabalhadores individuais, a organizarem-se em formas mais avanadas de produo. O investimento estrangeiro opera no quadro da poltica econmica do Estado.





Constituição da República de Moçambique


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