Fornisco fatture con indicazione IVA separata. Per le transazioni idonee, sei coperto dal programma Garanzia cliente eBay se ricevi un oggetto non conforme alla descrizione. Tutte le restituzioni ci devono essere comunicate in anticipo tramite e-mail. Il prodotto deve essere restituito completo e intatto nel suo imballaggio originale ed in perfette condizioni di vendita. Occorre anche attaccare al pacco una copia della fattura.

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With our 14 years of trading experience, we can warrant that claim with real expertise. If you research our company, you will encounter our impressive accumulation of fantastic reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Google. Ordering by Screen Part Number When ordering by screen model number, the actual part code sent may vary from the original. We will always send the most currently available model to replace the original. Screen part code availability is always changing, what we do promise is that the part code we send will be as good, or often better than the original.

More about this We try where possible to offer both options, if we have both options, we will offer them in the product description. Screen size measurement We always list the size of the screen to help you determine which product is right for you.

Screen sizes are measured diagonally, from corner to corner, of the visible display area only. The measurement does not include any frame or bezel , just the area that lights up and is part of the display area. More info about this In addition to this, you have peace of mind that we have many years of trading, during which time we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, which enables us to provide the right screens, first time.

Better quality screens We insist on higher grade Class I panels, note that there is no such thing as a Grade A screen. We pay a little more to ensure our products impress and please every time, and give a long working lifetime.

With more than a decade of experience our team will ensure your high quality replacement screen is as good - or better than your original, and that the whole process from purchase, through the delivery and to installation, is seamless.

And this promise is endorsed by our customers.


Chunghwa LED Strips

Some laptops have multiple screen variations, this should be reflected in the above list if it is the case. When To Replace A Screen On A Chunghwa Laptop The two most likely reasons to replace the display screen on your Chunghwa laptop are if the screen is cracked or when the screen is displaying horizontal or vertical lines that should not be there. If your Chunghwa laptop screen is dim, it is more likely that the issue is with the invertor and not with the screen, in which case we suggest contacting your local computer repair shop. Replacing A Screen On A Chunghwa Laptop The vast majority of customers are able to follow our step by step instructions on installing a replacement screen in a Chunghwa laptop. All you should need is a small screwdriver, and the installation usually takes about 20 minutes.


Refurbished Chunghwa CLAA156WB11A 15.6" 1366x768 Glossy Laptop Screen


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