Plot[ edit ] The Spooksville novellas center around a group of friends in their bizarre home town that is host to a wide array of supernatural and unexplained occurrences. The group is caught between exploring the town and escaping trouble and saving the town from the forces of darkness. Although the books are chronological they differ in their relevance to previous stories, there are recurring characters out with the group, as well as recurring places and themes, and the books are not intended as stand alone; however, they may feasibly be read in a different order than below. Characters[ edit ] The main characters throughout the series are five young friends: Adam Freeman]], the leader; Watch, the brains; and Sara " Sally" Wilcox , the realist, are the only characters to appear in all 24 novels.

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He studied what was popular--Including Pike--and wrote the bestseller Blind Date Spooksville is not a complete Goosebumps knock-off, though. For example, we encounter kids whose eyes have been cut out by a wicked witch. Recently the first 12 books have been re-printed and given stellar audiobook versions. Already on to the 2nd! Highly recommended. Realist, Sally mocked. He doesnt believe in ghosts even though a tree almost ate him an hour ago. During the 80s and 90s Christopher Pike wrote some really good books for young adults, and also for much younger kids.

The Spooksville series is aimed at the later. His young adult books were marked by some good writing, and his content appealed to teenagers who were a bit more mature than the average young adult. Here, Pike began a marvelously fun series for pre-teen kids which has a great deal of charm and humor mixed in with the spookiness. Parents need not worry — at least with the first entry — about it being too dark.

This is miles milder than Harry Potter, just to give you a reference point. The opening scene helping his dad unload the moving fan is charming, immediately endearing the reader — young or old — to Adam and the setting. Adam has just moved to Springville from Kansas City, and when his dad sends him to the local store for a six-pack of Coke he meets the tall-for-her-age and precocious Sally Wilcox. Sally explains to Adam about the town, and all the weird things that happen in Spooksville.

All my life. Not all kids last twelve years in Spooksville. Even as an adult, I found myself laughing several times at their dialog, which rang true for nice kids this age. Apparently the town was founded long ago by a witch named Madeline Templeton. She is related to Ann Templeton, who lives in a castle and may have a small hold on Adam. Following the riddle given them by Bum, their search to discover the alternate Spooksvilles take them to the blooded tree, and of course, the cemetery.

It really gets fun when the trio become separated. Can they escape a black knight and live skeletons? I enjoyed Spooksville even as an adult reader, and think a lot of kids will love this. Great fun.


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