Security is key The importance of protecting your bike against theft in Brussels cannot be emphasised enough, and investing in a sturdy lock is an absolute necessity. U and O-shaped locks are reliable and easy to carry around; chains and wires are breakable in seconds. When your bike is not in use, it should be locked to a fixed object, regardless of how long it is to be left unsupervised. In Brussels, this goes even when keeping bikes indoors, whether behind the front door or in a garage. Thieves are known to sneak into homes when the front door is left unlocked, and they will also break into office garages.

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Cycling in Brussels

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Bells are important too. Cycling in Brussels The Brussels region also offers a service of bike engraving. For kids, they even offer classes on biking in traffic with parents acting as sympathetic drivers. The theft of bicycles witholds lots of people from riding a bike in the city. Where there is a designated bike path, bikes are obliged to use it — though if it is shared with pedestrians, pedestrians have the right of way.

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