But I picked it up in a bookstore a couple of years ago and was immediately hooked by her honesty and down-to-earth style. The first provides a detailed explanation for each of her 10 Rules for Living Naturally Thin and includes two or three recipes for each rule. The second part walks you through a weeklong example of how to implement the rules into a Naturally Thin Program for Life. Think about finding the balance in terms of what you eat. When you overindulge at one meal, compensate at another by making lighter, healthier choices. If you eat a lot of carbs at one meal, choose protein at your next.

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Start your review of Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting Write a review Shelves: non-fiction , girls-rule , dangerous-hokum , reviewed , motherless-daughters Maybe when a lot of people see the cover of this book, their first instinct is something like Emmetts concerns from that conversation in the awesome movie that encouraged so many of us girls to go to law school, Legally Blonde: Emmett: She seems completely untrustworthy to me.

Elle: Why? Elle: Brooke would never tell a woman she was too fat. Emmett: A butthead? Why would you call me that? Elle: You need to have a little more faith in people. You might be surprised. Elle: Maybe not to your face. There is a lot of stigma against talking about the possibility of women being fat or ugly.

Unless, of course, they are on TV, in which case almost all we talk about is whether they are fat or ugly, too skinny or have bad hair. And I do think this comes from how often we hear men say things like that douchey guy on the Bachelorette last week.

What was it he said? Even though we all objectively know that people love, and love on, fat people all the time. Instead, it carries with it all this baggage of women being told since we were born that fat means unlovable. So, guys, that is why women react to things you say about our appearances — because sometimes it just sounds douchey, like the Bachelorette dude, and other times it might be fine on its own, but it is loaded with all of the douchiness of the Bachelorette dudes we have known.

Anyway, I think that the fear of naming fat also turns into a judgment about girls who talk about wanting to lose weight. I think it is common for other girls to feel like weight-loss girls have bought into the pressure on women to be vacant bodies, and so there is a tendency to feel nervous around weight-loss girls because they might reprimand you for actually inhabiting your body.

In general. And for all of this there is the exception for the annoying person, gender neutral, who has found some magical health plan and wants to tell you about it all the time.

Weight and health are complicated. So, this is a pretty cool book. And probably most of us have at least had thoughts about that, even those who do look like Heidi Klum — because no one ever looks enough like Heidi Klum, not even Heidi Klum. The main point of this book is that you should listen to your own body, and it will tell you the way it feels best.

It advocates a lot for not thinking your body is bad and not thinking food is bad because, while those things are often part of dieting, they ultimately usually lead to unhealthiness and feeling crappy. Also, there are some crazy cool recipes in here and ideas about making healthier versions of things. For example, there is a whole section at the end of cocktail ideas she has.

They all sound pretty legit. Also, there is a recipe for a brown rice oatmeal type of breakfast, and I am pretty excited about that.

It has a lot of purpose, and it is really great. And I think we can all use that kind of encouragement.


Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting



Bethenny Frankel



Bethenny Frankel’s 10 Rules for Living Naturally Thin




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