Each of the 12 scenarios are printed on cardstock in our easy-to-read format. The scenarios are in keeping with the Schwerpunkt tradition of tournament-sized as well as medium-sized actions. This is a medium-sized action set on four half-boards: 17, 32, 37 and 38 offers many course of action choices for both sides, giving this scenario lots of re-playability. SP Barracuda! With flamethrowers on both sides, someone is going to get hurt. This 5.

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The date marked the 20th issue of Schwerpunkt to be released, though not quite the 20th anniversary, which will occur next year, as Volume 5 and 6 were both released during the same year. Still, 20 issues of a major ASL publication, each equivalent to a scenario pack, is nothing to sneeze at.

A glance through those 20 issues or 20 glances, as the case may be reveals that Schwerpunkt has been nothing if not consistent. Indeed, unchanging might even be a better word. This issue contains just one article, by publisher Evan Sherry, on tank destroyers. The article combines the history and doctrinal use of American, Soviet, and German tank destroyers along with some tactical tips for their use.

The 12 scenarios depict a variety of actions, including France British vs. Germans , Belgium Belgians vs. Germans , New Guinea Australian vs. Japanese , Soviet Union Soviets vs. Germans and Soviets vs. Germans , China Chinese vs. Japanese , Luxembourg Americans vs.

Germans , Germany Soviets vs. Germans , Hungary Soviets vs. Hungarians and Soviets vs. Germans , and France Americans vs. The fact that half of the scenarios take place in or earlier is a bit unusual, though welcome, as Schwerpunkt scenarios mostly tend to be set in Something that is even more unusual is the typical scenario size.

Only 2 of the 12 scenarios could be considered small in size; the remainder are either medium or large in basically equal numbers. Many of the scenarios would simply not be suitable for tournament play. SSRs are few and far between for most scenarios, with about a third of the scenarios having nothing more than a single SSR denoting the environmental conditions.

As one can see, required boards are dominated by geoboards released since Schwerpunkt 20 contains a wealth of interesting scenario situations, including: SP The Rimling Circus. It uses three full geoboards, which is quite rare for Schwerpunkt. The 5. Both sides also get OBA. The Germans win by controlling 2 multi-hex wooden buildings, but must also have at least one mobile JgPz VI on the board, which is no sure things in fact, it means that the German player may have to keep one such vehicle continuously in motion.

To win, the Germans must clear the Soviets from at least three of four areas. SP Galician Persuasion. This is a medium-sized Soviet-Hungarian action that pits 15 elite Hungarian squads and 6 Zrinyis against 10 Soviet squads aided by 3 Ts and 2 guns.

Depending on player speed, it may just squeak in as tournament-capable. The Hungarian attack complete with an FT and DC adds a bit of exoticism, while the forces offer the chance for a nice combined-arms action. SP Hammer Time. This scenario is unusual in that it is a very rare scenario featuring Belgian troops.

The Belgian Army was quite large and engaged in a considerable amount of hard fighting in , but accounts of this fighting in English are so few and far between that there are hardly any scenarios that involve Belgian troops, and the majority of such scenarios that do exist only feature a single small unit, the Chasseurs Ardennais.

This action is a medium-sized German combined arms attack, pitting 10 German squads and 7 AFVs against 9 defending Belgian squads, one gun, and 6 AFVs French cavalry, coming to the rescue, essentially. So this scenario offers the chance to get in some hot Belgian action as well as to engage in a little tank fighting. What more could one want? SP Nankai Shitai. This scenario is a tiny 3.

It features a tiny Japanese attack with a potential tiny Australian counter attack. It is the sort of scenario that Paris Hilton might carry around in her purse. Probably best played twice in a row, switching sides. Very quick action. SP Quiet Desperation. It is a throwback scenario that could easily have appeared in Schwerpunkt Volume 1. SP Shanghai Scuffle. Because of its use of the Valor of the Guards map, SP is one of the more exotic Schwerpunkt scenarios produced.

It is also a chance for some nice Chinese-Japanese city fighting. Several VotG terrain rules are in effect. To win, the Japanese must control ferry landings, plus control or burn 12 stone building locations. Overall, Schwerpunkt Volume 20 is one of the most attractive-looking in terms of scenarios to come out in several years. It is definitely worth a look.


Sherry Enterprises (Schwerpunkt)

The twelve scenarios are printed on card stock in our easy to read format. The scenarios are in keeping with the Schwerpunkt tradition of tournament-sized as well as medium-sized actions. This pack has something for every ASL player. SP97 Twilight of the Reich: Three Jagdpanthers and their supporting infantry defend on boards 44 and 48 in this 4.


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