Although this makes many good points to elevate the level of concern that Brave New World is fairly prophetic, it does not discount the many good examples we have of an intrusive Orwellian government also in the rise. Do you see this as a problem in your own world, or a problem you imagine for society in general? I ask because I most people I know strike a reasonable balance between electronic distraction and more healthy things like exercise, reading, doing things outdoors, etc. Why cannot both be equally right? Indeed, if you think about it the Orwell side is the danger from government, the Huxley side is the danger from capitalism

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After 2. I proactively contacted them, and received notification that they would prefer the comic was removed. Respecting their wishes, I removed the comic without hesitation. What follows are some reflections on a comic which has been removed from the internet. A piece of my back catlogue which I am walking away from. Amusing Ourselves to Death: a cover version Amusing Ourselves to Death was an anomaly of my back catalogue. The only one not fully written and drawn by me. The comic was also a milestone of my back catalogue.

One of the ones that made me pull up my socks. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly I rose to the game of conveying the story through my artwork.

The second factor was the reader response, which was quite unlike anything I had seen before. Word of mouth spread, and a lot of eyeballs were pointed my way. After a relatively quiet few days on the web albeit with a good response from regular readers , things soon went bananas.

The comic reached the front page of reddit. The host pulled the plug on me. Drawing Amusing Ourselves to Death: motivations Let me step back and describe my original motivations behind the comic. My intentions regarding Amusing Ourselves to Death were always honest. Judging by reader feedback, that is what happened.

Many people contacted me saying that I had turned them onto Amusing Ourselves to Death and then liked what they read.

I did not sell the comics for money or profit from it. Of course, motivations are one thing, and the law is another. I created the comic as a complete amateur, operating a non-profit website dedicated to sharing ideas with the world. I was moving towards a future with comics as a legitimate way for me to earn a living. Could I continue displaying Amusing Ourselves to Death on my website?

Copyright law I fished around for opinions. But the more I read into copyright law, the more uncertain I became. Was the comic transformative enough to be considered Fair Use? It became clear that even if I was fully complying with the law, that would not be enough to prevent legal action being brought against me.

I read with horror the Kind of Bloop case. Would the copyright holder of Amusing Ourselves to Death have the same reaction? Asking the question The answer became clear: to ask the copyright holder directly.

Thankfully their simple response was to politely ask for the piece to be removed. Moving forward So the bite-sized comic about the dangers of our limited attention spans ironic, eh? The comic has been deleted from my website, and I feel good respecting the wishes of the copyright holders. I still own the copyright to my drawings from the Amusing Ourselves to Death comic.

Some of my favourites appear in this blog post. But I see no point in putting the wordless series of postcards online at recombinantrecords. The question marks are gone. And more are in the pipeline right now. For those of you that missed the comic the first time around, why not go straight to the source.



User: stuartmcmillen. Thinking outside the square Instagram is different to, say, a Pinterest page, which sprawls infinitely in all directions. See below. I generally compose my illustrations to take advantage of the horizontal or vertical frame that they are contained within. For my Instagram debut, I thought it would be fun to experiment with the 3-column grid format that Instagram uses. It could be interesting to compose each Instagram image, while considering how it relates to the other images that it is next to. This is a nice constraint for an artist to work within.


Huxley vs. Orwell: The Webcomic



Amusing ourselves to death


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