The mystery was a bit more prominent in this story though, and consequently, I felt that it overshadowed the actual romance, in some ways. Aside from a strong physical attraction and mutual Reviewed for THC Reviews A Woman Scorned is yet another worthy effort from Liz Carlyle, but in my opinion, not the strongest of her novels that I have read to date. Aside from a strong physical attraction and mutual loneliness, I found few reasons for Cole and Jonet to fall in love. The author simply did not build the lovely friendship element or include the more swoon-worthy scenes that are often found in her other works.

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Someone has murdered the old coot Henry Rowland, the sixth Marquis of Mercer, people whisper, although his death is ruled as a simple heart attack.

Could it be that Sashay Sadie has finally received a role as a main star in a romance, I wonder. Matriana Virtue the Misunderstood is. Oh well. Of course, someone is trying to murder Jonet and her family. Unfortunately, several plot points keep bugging me.

But nowhere in this story am I given any clue that she has behaved in any manner that may give rise to such things. Her friendship with a rake seem to take place under proper circumstances, and even if tongues wag, the whole scandal would surely be no worse than one of the many flying around the Ton.

She acts more like a beleaguered widow in distress than any alluring femme fatale. Her motivations seem vague too. Why does she keep Cole — and me — in the dark about her many secrets long after secrecy no longer makes sense? Jonet spends the first half of the book on the brink of emotional breakdown, but I am allowed little clue as to the nature of her problems except for the murdered husband thing.

He starts out like a complete prig, flirting with Jonet and then hating her when she flirts back and gets his hormones all fired up. And when Cole insists that he has not forgotten her ever since he kissed her on her wedding day to the now dead old coot, I do marvel at the wonders of selective memory. Luckily, Cole thaws and becomes a much more magnetic and capable hero towards the later part of the story. And I really have to wonder, does the author really have to describe everything and anything that happens around the hero and heroine?

Lots of descriptions of trivial things like this tend to add a lot of clutter to an already hazy story, further murking up the story. I do adore the two kids and their border collies so cute , and when Jonet and Cole are together, the air practically comes alive with sexual tension. A Woman Scorned has great atmosphere, a sense of place, and a great plot.

It is also a story that sets up a stage for a dark, unconventional heroine, only to fumble when it starts making the heroine conform to a standard of virtue.


A Woman Scorned



A Woman Scorned by Liz Carlyle


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