At 11, he discovered that his father had, without telling him, given his poems to his school magazine, and the publication of one of them in a serious journal with no juvenile section attracted much attention. But although he was to produce some creative literature of his own, it was as a teacher, critic, historian and scholar that Daiches was to make his mark. As director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at Edinburgh University , and earlier at Sussex University, where he was professor of English and dean of the School of English Studies , he became one of the most prolific and respected academics of his time. Being brought up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Scotland after the first world war was an experience he entertainingly described in Two Worlds , an account of his schooldays and a moving tribute to his father, a powerful speaker, campaigner and scholar, who did much to integrate Scottish Jewry into Scottish life, while preserving its distinctiveness. The Daiches had come from Lithuania, and a long succession of rabbinical scholars.

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This is a book on the historical documentation of English literature with a commanding language by David Daiches which is read by the students in the different parts of the world alike. The work comes in two volumes and it begins with the early ages and comes down to the Modern age a little before the contemporary. A Critical History of English Literature is a book which is highly beneficial for the academic students of English Literature because it covers all the important divisions in ascending order.

The most important part of the book is the language which has been used and also the way D. Daiches applies the narrative. Students will have a lot to learn and very less to remember; and yes, unlike most other books on the history of English Literature, David Daiches does not leave the room for disambiguation… Buy A Critical History of Englis Literature by David Daiches Volume one on discount from Amazon The first volume of the book covers English literature from the Anglo-Saxon to the and the second volume begins with Restoration and comes down to the contemporary of Daiches of course.

The way Daiches explains the things and the informative way he puts the pretext to a chapter is wonderful, in simple terms! Students will have information as well as valuable opinions on the topics.

Moreover, there has been a dedicated backend work which Daiches seems to have done in selecting the excerpts to go with the chapters. The text always helps in clarifying the context, you got to be clear about that! It will help them on all the levels of education as well as keep serving them even when they become people responsible for teaching. In our special offer arrangement with Amazon, you can get both the volumes on a special price from Amazon.

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David Daiches

This is AN AGE of specialist scholars, and for one man to attempt a complete history of English literature is now both rash and unusual. I cannot claim to be a specialist in all the periods on which I have written, nor, in spite of my best attempts, have I been able to keep abreast of all new developments in English studies. But I have been reading English literature continuously and closely ever since I began my studies at Edinburgh University in , and I have long felt the urge to describe the whole scene as I see it. It is not meant to be looked up, but to be read. Indeed, the chapters on Shakespeare and Milton can perhaps stand as independent critical studies, capable of being extracted from the rest of the History and read as short books on their own. But I have Uied to see my subject steadily and see it whole; and I have tried to write interestingly, less as the impersonal scholar recording facts than as the interested reader sharing his knowledge and opinions. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


A critical history of English literature. -


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