Wiring Diagrams Troubleshooting This repair manual can save you money on maintenance and repair. Step-by-step procedures and detailed illustrations guide you almost anything task you would ever need to perform on your unit. This manual was professionally set up with an easy to use menu in PDF format, not scanned manual pages with no menu that were compressed for into a small file size for downloading or email like many on the internet. This manual on CD is fully printable, you can print 1 page, 1 chapter, or the whole thing.

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Voodoobei Shift weights should not be changed or altered without first having a thorough understanding of their positioning and the effects they may have on belt to sheave clearance, clutch balance and shifting pattern. If the oil filter is obstructed, a bypass valve contained in the filter allows oil to bypass the filter element.

Fuel Cap Use the strap adjusters to tighten any loose straps. Never make abrupt steering maneuvers. Recalls, Glitches, Weak points ect. Arctic Cat is investigating the handful of burndowns, and from all accounts it appears to be a problem of air-bubbles in the oil and, likely, not running a Always use genuine Polaris owner.

Repeat the procedure to adjust the other headlight. The Arctic Cat snowmobile recall was announced by the U. Lubricate connecting rods with 0W engine oil. Carefully press the gear off the assembly while supporting consists of a bolt, washer, spring, and valve dowel.

When the switch is on 2X4, the vehi- cle is in two-wheel drive at all times. The engine drain plug is located on the bottom of the crankcase. Press On Bearing Some procedures outlined in this Polaris Ranger RZR Service Manual require a sound knowledge of mechanical theory, tool use, and shop procedures in order to perform the work safely and correctly. Do not obstruct or deflect air flow through the radiator by installing unauthor- ized accessories in front of the radiator or behind the cooling fan.

Wash the vehicle by hand or with a garden hose using mild soap. Arctic Cat Hires Christopher T. Torque the breather bolts to specification. This will determine the length of time charged and tested at the factory before installation. Do not clean the main filter, the filter should be replaced. You get 2 choices here, the naturally aspirated M which is classed with the 2-Strokes, and the MT with the T standing for Turbo.

Use compressed air to blow out any debris. Install the driven clutch, washer, lock washer, and retaining Disassembly. Failure to follow the safety precautions could result in serious injury or death. Remove propshaft from the transmission output shaft. Lighter spindles, Tighter turning radius, Arctic Cat is investigating the handful of burndowns, and from all accounts it appears to be a problem of air-bubbles in the oil and, likely, not running a The cargo box assembly and the upper frame bolt-in brace must be removed to allow enough clearance to remove all the cylinder head bolts.

Any info or experience ne1 can share with me would be a big help. Cam Spanner Wrench PU is only Remove the roll cage assembly and rollers from the clutch High water pressure may damage components.

Distance between center of crankshaft and center of driven clutch shaft. Instrument Cluster Speedo B. Pull back fully on gear selector arm to bring shift collar up and disengage the shift collar from the clutch yoke.

Its fit and finish eclipse the Ms of yore. Improper tire inflation or the use of non-standard size or type of tires may adversely affect vehicle handling, which could result ppolaris vehicle damage or personal injury. We now have 13 ads for arctic cat turbo for sale under other vehicles. Arctic Cat Snowmobile Service Manuals. Place the transmission in PARK. If you purchase a POLARIS product from a private party, to be kept and used outside of the country in which the product was originally purchased, all warranty coverage will be denied.

Remove the valve lifters by reaching into ownesr crankcase and pushing the lifter up through the lifter bore by hand. Related Posts


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