The ancient Essenes defined personal relationships with a method called the Seven Essene Mirrors. The Essenes separated into seven categories the way we relate to others in the course of our lives. In addition, these seven Essene mirrors also relate to the seven Chakras. The First Essene Mirror This reflects the fear or anger we send to the one who is closest to us. This Mirror is held in the Root Chakra.

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First Mama. Then Writer. Though, of late, the latter has consumed a great deal of time as I work to get things in order to potentially be I often find it easier to read than watch things.

What we are radiating in the moment. Second mirror, similar quality, but more subtle: mirrors to us that which we judge in the moment. When I find that many people show me the same pattern of anger or fear There is something to learn. Look at the people you hold most dear. Look at the qualities that push your buttons most. Are they showing you what you are in the moment?

Or are they showing you what you judge in the moment? Through the course of our lives we give away or lose parts of ourselves. When we find ourselves in the presence of another inidividual who embodies what we have lost, we will feel it as a magnetic connection to that person. We will seek to reinforce that which we have lost, given away or had taken away. When we find ourselves in this situation, we find that these patterns may be compulsive or addictive patterns of behavior.

The fourth mystery allows us to see ourselves in the presence of addiction or compulsion. Through addiction and compulsion, we give away little by little the things that are most important to us. And in the giving away, we have the opportunity to see ourselves as we lose the things we hold most dear. Alcohol or nicotine may come to mind. Issues of control.

Addiciton to sex. The pattern unfolds gradually unfolds over time. We give away what is most important to us over time. We may recognize the pattern at any time and heal, at any time. Rather than taking it to its extreme. And find our wholeness in the healing. It is through this relationship with our earthly parents that our parents are showing us ourselves in that expectation and beliefs of that divine relationship.

For example: if we find ourselves in a relationship with our parents where we feel judged, constantly. Or that we feel that our best is never good enough. There is a high probability that what is being mirrored is our belief within ourselves that we may not be good enough. Or that we may not have accomplished that which may have been expected of us. Through our perceptions of ourselves and our creator. There are few absolutes. There are often exceptions. There is a good possibility that the words positive and negative you have used to describe your parents have very little to with those you call Mom and Dad.

With those words, you are describing a mirror. This is the mirror your parents have held to you of the most sacred relationship you will experience. The way you see your Mother and Father the words you use of this world is a mirror of your expectations of the relationship you have with your Heavenly Mother and Father.

There are many ways to look at this. Is it possible that inviting you to this world lives an unspoken responsibility that those who raise us are surrogates, they are the closest thing we know in our Heavenly Creator. They have impeccably held to you the way you see your relationship with your Heavenly Parents. When you perceived your parents anger, you felt what your creator felt.

This mirror may show you your beliefs, your expectations of what your creator feels for and about you. Sentence: What would you say to your parents if you had only one minute left? What would you like to hear from your parents in the last minute of your life? Through our earth life, we have the opportunity to heal our relationships with both earthly parents and Heavenly Parents by recognizing what the mirror is trying to show us, so to release it.

Both the positive and negative attributes of our earthly parents mirror to us of how we perceive our Heavenly Parents. The Sixth Essene Mirror: ominous name: dark night of the soul We are reminded that life has a propensity toward balance, nature has propensity toward balance. It takes an extremely skillful and masterful being to upset the balance in nature and to upset the balance in our lives.

When we find ourselves in the greatest challenges of life, it in those moments that we may be assured that the only way those challenges are possible is after we have amassed each tool that will allow us to move through that challenge with grace and with ease… until those tools are amassed, we will never see ourselves in the situations that ask us to demonstrate these high levels of mastery. From this perspective, the greatest challenges of life, may be viewed as tremendous opportunities to demonstrate mastery, rather than tests that may be passed or failed in life.

It is through this mirror that we see ourselves naked, without the emotion and feeling and thought and constructs around us that we have constructed around us to keep us safe. We have the opportunity to see ourselves in a naked way and to prove to ourselves that the process of life may be trusted.

As we climb out of the abyss that is left after the loss of everything we held dear, and we see ourselves in a new way; this is where we find our highest levels of master. The only way to anchor, is for a force or field to hold the mirrors for us. Pre-twelfth century texts show benign beings Gabriel and Lucifer volunteering to anchor light and dark respectively.

Dream fire ceremony: gaze into the flame, at the space between the flame and the rest of the flame… it allows us to relax and move into an altered state of awareness, sometimes without knowing it. Your body mirrors your belief. Illness is only possible if you believe that the forces of light and dark are separate. If we know that dark and light both originate in our creator, we will not fear. As you heal each memory a single memory you heal the universal fears 3.

Fear of not being good enough. Fear of trusting and surrendering. Fear of abandonment and separation. The science of compassion is an even great possibility. The Seventh Essene Mirror: Most subtle. It asks us to allow for the possibility, that each experience of life, regardless of its outcome, is perfect in its nature. Regardless of whether or not we achieve the lofty goals that have been set by others, we are invited to view our accomplishments in life without comparing them to anything else, without any external reference.

The only way we can view ourselves in failure or success is when we measure our accomplishments to an external yardstick. The question then arises, what is it that we hold ourselves accountable to? What do we use as our yardstick of accomplishment?

From the perspective of this mirror, we are asked to allow for the possibility that all aspects of our lives each aspect of our personal life: body shape, body weight, academic, business, athletic achievements are perfect as they stand. And can only be judged when they are compared to an external reference. Allow for perfection in the imperfections of life. What standard are we holding ourselves to which cause us to feel unhappy?

How do I know when I have succeeded or failed at something in life? Power of thought, feeling and emotion will make us more than Christ as He predicted. Sometimes multiple times and sometimes multiple mirrors at a time. We are invited to know ourselves in the presence of others through our relationships.

As those relationships are reconciled, we become the benefit of that healing. It is that benefit that we carry with us through life as we walk between the worlds of heaven and earth. Compassion Jesus Christ and how He chose to respond to a woman with whom he worked. Two questions Jesus asked before He healed as conveyed in the Bible: Do you believe in me? Do you believe in my Father?

Response: yes or no. Then: What have you learned in your illness? Woman born with leprosy. She was angry at her disease. She responded that she had learned nothing. Compassion may be defined as: Thought without attachment to the outcome. Feeling without distortion. Emotion without charge. Anger is in polarity.

Denial, not allowing feeling. Allow feeling opens path to compassion. If you want to get even or make someone pay, you are allowing yourself to feel.


The Seven Essene Mirrors

First Mama. Then Writer. Though, of late, the latter has consumed a great deal of time as I work to get things in order to potentially be I often find it easier to read than watch things. What we are radiating in the moment. Second mirror, similar quality, but more subtle: mirrors to us that which we judge in the moment. When I find that many people show me the same pattern of anger or fear


The seven Essene mirrors

They related to other religious-political groups, such as the Sadducees. The Essenian form is also accepted. The Essenes have left us a beautiful analysis of human relationships. They separated into seven categories the way we relate in the course of our lives.


The 7 Essene Mirrors

Journey to my soul The 7 Essene Mirrors- How we attract people and situations We attract people into our lives.. When we learn the lesson these people or situations stop coming into our lives.. Ask yourself whats the pattern in my life? This mirroring principle has helped me a lot so I ve copied it here : We live in an Action Reaction World known as the Plane of Demonstration where Consciousness Creates Reality. We manifest and magnetize people and events into our lives according to our consciousness. The Seven Essene mirrors is a way of understanding how this process works.

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